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Chapter 296: Snatched Away

He knows perfectly well that he doesn’t have the qualifications to have wishful thoughts about this person before him.

However, reason can’t keep his heart under control.

And his self-control is constantly repressing his turbulent emotions.

Not knowing when it begun, Chang Yu’s gaze couldn’t help but fall on the young lady.

Passion, yearning, love, but also forbearing.

When Miss’ eyes were looking at Guan Hu and the other’s bare bodies-

How he wished that those rippling eyes would gaze at him.

That’s why he did it.

He hardly knew any shame as he took his clothes off, and became Lou Beiyu’s model.

His only wish is for that person’s eyes to look at him more, even just a moment more.

When those watery peach-blossom eyes lazily turn towards him, falling upon his bare skin-

Chang Yu almost completely uses up his entire strength just to keep his body from trembling, to suppress the blush on his skin.

The flesh that has been touched by that person’s sight seems to burn in flames.

A sweet burning pain.

This is his happiest moment.

But this is also the only happy moment.

He mustn’t let the Miss find out about his dirty feelings.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t even have the chance to stay by her side.



There’s a loud noise from the roof, and it’s broken pieces come falling down.

It’s followed by a squall of endless fury that directly turns over the ground near the collapsing roof, where Chang Yu and the others are posing.

The furniture in the room crackles and rattles under the onslaught, until they reach a solid and stable state.

Chang Yu, in particular, has been hit directly by that gust, and he is knocked to a corner.

He coughs up a mouthful of blood and loses consciousness.


Xiao Bao comes to his senses in this unexpected turn of events, and he tries to grab Muyan’s hand.

Before he can move however, Muyan has already disappeared from her initial position.

She is firmly imprisoned in an embrace.

There’s a red-hot, almost explosive breath that accompanies a man’s husky and angry voice – it resounds with a rage that wants to tear people into shreds.

“Jun Muyan, you are mine!!!”

The dust billows, preventing the others from taking a clear look at the one who has arrived. They could only make out a vague silhouette.

However, Xiao Bao is the first to react as it’s happening, “Lecher! Let go of my niangqin!!”

Saying that, his tiny form bolts like a cannonball, going over to take Muyan back.

However, the expected impact from a fist hitting flesh doesn’t occur.

The dust settles. Those figures that had just been there, of that man and his mother – they’ve disappeared without a trace.

Xiao Bao rigidly stands in his original spot. His face is like frost, and his eyes are shooting flames.

“Lit… Little Master, what happened?” asks a still-conscious guard from the Ink Camp, with some fear and trepidation, “Is it someone from the Xuan Medical Pavilion? Did they take the Miss away?”

Xiao Bao grinds his teeth and slowly shakes his head.

He takes a deep breath, and only then does he spits out a few words, “Niangqin is alright!”

That lecher is the one who captured his mother, so she is naturally alright!

But! But!

That scoundrel actually snatched his mother away from him!

Bad egg! Rogue! Hoodlum!

Don’t think that niangqin is yours, don’t think that I can’t find you!

I will definitely take niangqin back!!


Muyan wakes up to the rumbling of her stomach.

The tip of her nose is covered with the scent of food.

She rubs her belly, then she sits up to look around.

She finds herself in an elegantly furnished woman’s bedroom.

Even though it’s a bedroom, there’s a table not far away from her, with delicious foods laid out on top of it.

Moreover, those dishes are still steaming hot.

One look and her appetite is stimulated.

Muyan quickly jumps down from the bed, and uses the water basin at the side to wash her hands and clean her face.

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  1. Ah, unrequited love is tough. At least he’s not going crazy.

    Unlike some people who have moved up to outright kidnapping!

    Thanks for the chapter.


  2. when is the kid tuna give his mom that jade he got from the stalker.. 😏. I can’t wait to see how they all react then they figure out her stalker is her rapist from 4 yrs ago/that the lecher that stalks his mom is his actual father


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  5. Lame her insight was destroyed and now it will take even longer for her cultivation to breakthrough. So boring sick of this guy, he wasn’t their for her in the previous life


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