EMHS – ch294

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Chapter 294: Wearing too much

The unsettling premonition in their hearts is like a runaway wild horse galloping over.

Sure enough, in the next moment, Lou Beiyu claps his hands and excitedly says: “Didn’t you guys just say that you want me to punish you?”

“There’s no need for a punishment, all of you should just model for me for one day.”

“Just like my guards, take off your clothes and assume various kinds of poses, I swear it’s very easy. I draw very fast…”

Guan Hu feels the overflowing cold sweat oozing out from his head.

He takes a step back, and then another, “Hehe… there’s… there’s no need, it would be better for us to accept the Miss’ and the Little Master’s punishment…”

After saying that, the group looks at Lou Beiyu like they’re looking at a ghost.

They brace themselves to run.

Who knows that it would be at this time that Muyan’s silvery sweet-sounding voice is heard from behind them, “I actually think that this punishment is pretty good.”


Guan Hu’s form goes frozen all of a sudden, the fine cold sweat turns into a waterfall.

Like struggling on the deathbed, “Little Master, we’re willing to receive hellish drills.”

“Right, right! We’re willing to receive hellish practice!”

Xiao Bao looks at them expressionlessly, then he coldly says: “Niangqin says it’s good, then it’s good!”

“Owowow… don’t, aaah–!!!”

“Save me–!!”


While they’re wailing like ghosts and howling like wolves, the several people from the Ink Camp who had beaten up Lou Beiyu and his guards – they’re all stripped off of their clothes.

Only leaving a few suggestive ornaments to cover up the important places on their bodies.

Some have pink scarves.

Some have red maple leaves.

There are even some that have shells with inlaid pearls, specially covering up the three crucial points.

Yan Haotian forcefully suppresses Guan Hu and the others who want to resist.

As soon as he turns around, he sees Feng Haitang standing beside Muyan, and she’s staring attentively at this scene.

Those eyes that have always been indifferent well up with a smiling expression, brimming with interest.

Like a child, curious and innocent.

Yan Haotian hasn’t seen this lively Feng Haitang for a long time.

Since they met again, Yan Haotian has been refusing to accompany Feng Haitang, making her reticent, almost completely losing the smile on her face.

Looking at this scene, Yan Haotian is supposed to be gratified and happy.

However, seeing that Feng Haitang’s eyes are practically stuck to those men’s naked bodies-

Yan Haotian’s heart can’t help but burst into flames. He almost doesn’t think about it, as he steps forward and cover Feng Haitang’s eyes, pulling the other to go out.

Feng Haitang is startled at first, and she wants to resist.

But after she discovers that the person pulling her is Yan Haotian, the corners of her mouth immediately curve up into a gentle smile.

Like that, she obediently follows him to leave.

The pair’s departure doesn’t have any effect on the painting’s progress inside.

Each one in Guan Hu’s group seem like they’re mourning a deceased mother, wishing they could knock their heads and die.

If they knew that beating up that weak chicken would ultimately result in this plight, they would absolutely never touch a hair on that chicken.

Seeing Yan Haotian leave, Guan Hu’s eyeballs spin round and round, secretly wanting to slip away.

Before he could take a step however, he hears Muyan’s smiling voice, “I say, Guan Hu, you seem to be wearing too much clothes on your body. Why don’t you pull down that outer layer of black muslin!”

“Don’t!” at once, Guan Hu is only short of kneeling to this great aunt, “Laozi won’t run! I won’t run, don’t do it!”

The other members of the Ink Camp, those that aren’t receiving punishment – there’s no way that they would worry about the other’s anguished wailing.

Each one of them is snickering and laughing, going over to tear that cloth on him, letting his majestic body be completely displayed in front of others.

Lou Beiyu’s excited eyes are shining.

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  1. Poor bastard Guan Hu!
    Oh well… Hope he learned something from this.
    (Although i wonder, if Jun Muyan would be the one who
    paint them, just what kind of painting would she create?)

    Thx for the chapter
    /Respectfully cupping fists/


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