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Chapter 293: In the end, what ARE you studying?
    Although Lou Beiyu and his guards have been beaten miserably, in the end, it’s still just wounds.
    They’re easily cured under Muyan’s hands.
    Lou Beiyu frowns as he drinks a bowl of medicine.
    Just as he puts his medicine bowl down, he sees the robust men of the Ink Camp standing in a row in front of his bed.
    Each one of them are fierce and frightening, looking at him like they’re itching to skin him alive and chop up his corpse.
    “You… what are you guys up to?!” Lou Beiyu’s voice unintentionally trembles a bit.
    He’s really scared from the recent beating.
    Bewildered, he listens to the man who was the first one to throw a punch at him just a while ago, the other’s voice coarse and gruff: “Speak, how do you want to punish us?”
    “‘Ah’ what ‘ah’? If you don’t punish us, Little Master will surely peel off a layer of our skin later.”
    Seeing Lou Beiyu put on a clueless face, Guan Hu gets even angrier that he steps forward.
    All throughout, Guan Hu sizes him up from left to right, and the more he looks, the more dissatisfied his expression becomes.
    If he looks at this appearance of a weak chicken, and thinks that this man is the Miss’ apprentice, he might as well be seeing a ghost*.
  • unbelievable
    You can’t blame them for beating him up!
    “You’re really Miss’ disciple?” the disdain in his tone is almost overflowing.
    As soon as Lou Beiyu hears this, his hair immediately stands on end, “Of course I’m Master’s apprentice!!”
    This group can question his identity as a prince, but they can’t question his relationship with his Master and Little Senior.
    Guan Hu curls his lips and says: “With your appearance of a weak chicken, what part of you looks like the Miss’ apprentice? And which part looks like the Little Master’s junior?”
    Who would’ve thought that after he gets scolded by other people as a ‘weak chicken’, Lou Beiyu doesn’t show the slightest bit of shame or annoyance.
    He looks righteous and self-confident instead, “What I’m learning under Master isn’t martial arts anyway, what does me being weak have anything to do with being her apprentice?”
    “Not martial arts? Then what it is? Medicine?”
    Lou Beiyu has a profound and mysterious expression as he shakes his head.
    “Not medicine? Is it refining draughts?”
    He goes on with shaking his head.
    At this time, the Ink Camp’s men have really become curious.
    “In the end, what are you studying under Miss?”
    Lou Beiyu shows a mysterious smile, then he has people fetch over a parcel from the side. He takes out a decorated Hanging Scroll from within it.
    As the scroll slowly unfurls, the crowd of rough men from the Ink Camp finally gets a look at the vivid and lifelike painting on it, then everyone is petrified.
    “Th-thi-this… what is this?!” Guan Hu’s rough voice quacks madly like a duck, letting out a yell that’s as shrill as a court eunuch’s.
    All of the other members of the Ink Camp are also dumbstruck, looking sluggish.
    Really, the scene on this display is too hard to accept.
    The painting is of a man who is seven-foot tall like them, but wearing light muslin clothes, and adopting a drunken and alluring pose.
    The scene is still very beautiful. That seven-foot man has a hazy face, but his stance is a perfect combination of grace and strength.
    That picture is so vivid and lifelike, as if it will jump out of the paper.
    Goddamn realistic!!
   Guan Hu has a lifeless look in his eyes as he turns to Lou Beiyu, “You… what you’re studying under Miss…”
    “It’s this!” Lou Beiyu’s face is in awe as he exclaims in admiration, “Master’s painting skills are much better than mine. She originally gave me a few paintings of guards drawn as beauties, and every roll seems to have a soul. At this time, even though I’ve already been working hard to practice, I have yet to reach a tenth of Master’s skill.”
    His voice suddenly halts.
    He looks up and down, sizing up Guan Hu and the others, the light in his eyes getting brighter and brighter.
    And Guan Hu’s group has each of their scalps go numb, and they can’t wait to break into a run and escape.

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