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Chapter 290: Not Meet
    Isn’t this just… torture that’s worse than death?
    Her enemy has mysteriously been dealt with already?
    Although she very much wanted this dog leg* of Qian Qing to die without a burial site-
  • one who follows a villain
    But… in the end, who is it that’s a step ahead of her?
    Muyan slightly knits her brows, taking two slow steps into the room.
    Suddenly, a strange scent hits the tip of her nose, making her breath falter a bit.
    However, she very quickly comes back to normal, and leaves with a puzzled face.
    After Muyan has left, two figures emerge.
    Han Ye can’t help but quietly ask: “Jun Shang, don’t you intend to meet with Miss Muyan?”
    He sees the man beside him turn his head away, his expression just as cold and unapproachable as ever.
    However, those blue eyes contain a trace of fuming resentment.
    “I won’t meet with her!”
    Han Ye can only roll his eyes in secret.
    Say you won’t meet her, but aren’t you actually deeply worried that you’re unable to stand still! You’ve even engaged in such a thing like stalking.
    Say you won’t meet her, but you don’t want to see Miss Muyan getting close to other men, immediately getting madly jealous!
    Say you won’t meet her, but you don’t want to see Miss Muyan get hurt, hurriedly storming over to take revenge for the other!
    Chi Yan, Royal Palace.
    “Cough, cough, cough….” the sound of violent coughs, along with the pungent scent of medication, fills this room.
    As soon as Lou Beiyu hears that coughing sound, he promptly abandons his painting brush to rush over, helping to prop up the man on the bed. With deep concern on his face: “Big brother, how do you feel? Are you okay?”
    The young man on the bed shakes his head and shows a weak smile. He looks up towards Lou Beiyu.
    The young man has a handsome face, but an extremely pale complexion.
    Those pair of beautiful eyes even seem to be covered with a layer of cloudiness, making him look like he can’t see clearly, like he’s blind.
    Particularly whenever he coughs, this layer of cloudiness becomes even thicker.
    Lou Beiyu looks at the young man’s deathly pale face, the sweat on his forehead, and the worsening whiteness in his eyes. Lou Beiyu’s gaze becomes worried, “Brother, isn’t your illness getting worse and worse? Listen to me, why don’t you come with me and see my Master? Maybe Master can cure you?”
    “Cough cough” the youth briefly coughs twice, then he shakes his head with a forced smile, “You also said that your Master is an apothecary, not a doctor. My illness can’t be cured by medication. Even the Godly Doctor Qian Qing can’t do anything about it, how can someone else cure me? There’s no need to run around and be trouble with this, is there?”
    Lou Beiyu wants to argue that his master is all-powerful.
    But thinking about it, he also hasn’t seen Master work except for sewing chicken legs… ah ptui, the art of healing that is sewing his own legs – he has no knowledge of her other medical skills.
    If he makes his big brother go through all the trouble, but still get deemed incurable, then his brother will definitely feel deeply hurt.
    Moreover, there’s the problem that he doesn’t know where his Master is right now!
    “Don’t say that. Brother, look at this painting that I had just drawn, how about it? Quite great improvements, right?”
    Since it’s a dilemma, Lou Beiyu just opens up another topic, “Look, look. This is Emperor Father’s Imperial bodyguard. His body is the most satisfactory among all my work.”
    On the paper that Lou Beiyu has spread out, there’s a detailed drawing of man that’s almost completely naked, only having leaves and vines to cover those important bits.
    That man’s tall and sturdy stature is riddled with muscles.
    But made to assume a gentle and beautiful posture by Lou Beiyu, it’s really, truly strange.
    Putting this kind of strange pose into a painting shows an unusual aesthetic of strength and beauty.

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