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Chapter 291: It’s my Master!
    Lou Beiyu is just extremely satisfied with his own masterpiece.
    He thinks to himself that Master is so clever for making him draw a burly man, and not a beautiful woman.
    Sure enough, his painting skills has improved by leaps and bounds.
    When he sees Master, he must let her have a proper look, and make her praise him!
    And the youth looking at the painting can’t help but twitch his mouth, wanting to say something but couldn’t.
    It’s at this time that a small eunuch hurriedly rushes in and sees the pair. He bows his head and pays his respects: “Eldest Prince, Third Prince, this humble one has something to report.”
    “What is it?”
    “There… there’s news from Tianyuan City.” the small eunuch raises his head, looking excited and emotional, “A famous and outstanding doctor has reportedly appeared there, with the ability of curing intestinal blockage that has already reached the final stages, even capable of treating the dead. Some people even say that her medical skills are more amazing than the Godly Doctor Qian!”
    “Which doctor? More amazing than Dr. Qian, you say?” Lou Beiyu’s eyes brighten, “What’s the name, the backing? Since it’s within my Chi Yan Country’s territory, ask the individual to come to the Palace and treat my eldest brother.”
    “This…” the eunuch shows a hint of hesitation, “I’ve heard that the Godly Doctor has a very eccentric temperament, only seeing a few patients a day, can’t be bought on anyone’s account. I’m afraid that it won’t be so easy to invite…”
    Lou Beiyu wrinkles his brows all of a sudden, “What’s up with that? Even daring to not answer the summons from our Imperial Palace? Talk, what is his origins? Is it another individual from Xuan Medical Pavilion? Related to Qian Qing?”
    The little eunuch shakes his head, “The informer in Tianyuan City said that this doctor, she’s called — the Enchantress of Medicine. The idea being, an otherworldly enchantress with life-saving hands. This phrase doesn’t just pertain to that doctor’s miraculous medical skill, more than that, it’s because she is a young woman with an extremely beautiful, country-destroying appearance.”
    “Young woman?!” Lou Beiyu’s eyes suddenly widens.
    It’s as if he thought of something, as there seems to be some sort of fire burning in his eyes.
    “What’s her name?”
    “The Enchantress-daren is called… Jun… Jun Muyan.”
    Lou Beiyu trips on his feet, stumbling to the ground and cutting a sorry figure.
    “Third Brother!” the young man on the bed cries out in alarm, wanting to reach out and help the other up.
    But he sees Lou Beiyu rapidly get up to stand, the face that he fell on is still a quite red, with an irrepressible smile that’s bursting with excitement, “Brother, it’s Master! The Enchantress Jun Muyan is the Master I’ve been telling you about!”
   “I say, Master can definitely cure you! Just you wait, I will go to Tianyuan City at once, go to Master and ask her to come over and see you for treatment! Trust me, Master is all-powerful, she’ll definitely be able to cure your illness!”
    Tianyuan City, Junji Medical Center.
    “Step aside, step aside! Don’t block the path, let our Royal-… let our young master pass!”
    The thronging crowd of people outside the medical center are suddenly pushed out of the way by a few robust men, which are dressed similarly to each other.
    Each one of these men is at least at the Profound Stage of cultivation, they have a fierce expression in their eyes, and their momentum is compelling. One look can tell you that they’re not to be trifled with.
    One after another, the people in the crowd move to the side, but they have worried looks on their faces.
    “How come some people have dropped in to cause trouble again? Don’t tell me it’s the Xuan Medical Pavilion’s people wanting to start with the Enchantress again?”
    “This is really going too far, the Junji Medical Center has clearly done nothing wrong, but people come to make trouble over and over.”
    This commotion has also alerted the Ink Camp guarding the medical center.
    They’ve already been called out, prepared that they might receive the counterattack from Xuan Medical Pavilion.
    Hearing the commotion now, they rush out to see a group of fierce-looking big men.

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