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Chapter 256: Unable to Break Through a Bottleneck
    Muyan lets out huff and a chuckle, “So it is.”
    Deng Hongfeng actually played such a move against her.
    It’s no wonder that there isn’t so much as a single customer these days.
    Truly… interesting.
    “Miss, do you want me to report this to the Ghost City?”
    There’s a dense chill in Old Tao’s eyes, “Dare to slight our Ghost City’s Shenshu-daren, they’re simply tired of living.”
    Across him, Muyan’s lips slightly quirk up, an evil charm in her smile, “No need, how could I move the Ghost City’s hand just for some insignificant maggots. Old Tao, you just have to make the Ink Camp go and do a few things for me.”
    Old Tao quickly comes over to Muyan’s side and listens to her murmurs.
    After he hears Muyan’s plan, Old Tao is completely struck dumb.
    This… it can also be done this way?
    Soon however, he lets out a snickering laugh: although it’s unusually bad, but why does he think that this would be interesting?
    After Old Tao has left, Muyan simply returns to her room and directly goes inside the space.
    Muyan’s current cultivation has already reached the middle of Precelestial stage.
    Only a step away from high Precelestial.
    At this stage of time, she always has this faint feeling that she’s about to have a breakthrough.
    But it always falls short by a step.
    The bottleneck is right in front of her eyes, clearly at her fingertips, but why can’t she break through?
    Pure Internal Force slowly whirls within Muyan’s Qi Sea, forming a vortex.
    From small, the vortex becomes larger, gradually turning into a powerful breath that is a hundred times purer than ordinary Internal Force, filling the air.
    The Tian Mo Qin by Muyan’s side,
    It seems to respond to something, and it begins playing a windless sound.
    It produces a zither melody that seems to exist and doesn’t exist.
    Xiao Bao little head, which was originally immersed in a sea of books, suddenly perks up. He looks towards Muyan’s direction, his big blue eyes sparkling.
    The fat rabbit, which was originally fast asleep, also sits up with a grunt. It’s mung bean eyes blinking several times, looking at Muyan.
    A sliver of shock and amazement flashes through those small eyes, which are almost invisible because of those plump cheeks obstructing them.
    Is this… is she absorbing the Spiritual Energy inside the space?
    How is it possible?
    A person that has never activated the five attributes, one who only knows Internal Force, a martial practitioner that doesn’t even know what Spiritual Force is,
    How is it possible that she can absorb Spiritual Energy on her own?
    Xiao Bao doesn’t think about it as much as the fat rabbit.
    He doesn’t know what Spiritual Energy is, nor does he know how much of a sensational thing it is for a person who can only cultivate Internal Force, to spontaneously absorb Spiritual Energy.
    Xiao Bao only knows that the breath coming out of his mother’s body right now is making him feel very comfortable.
    So comfortable that he wants to get close, and there’s also a hint of pure awe.
    Xiao Bao’s cheeks are rosy. He unblinkingly looking at niangqin, at that best-looking face in the whole wide world.
    He thinks that niangqin is really the best.
    Later, he must work even harder, and become even stronger.
    Or else, how could he be qualified to protect niangqin?
    After four whole hours has gone by, Muyan opens her eyes, revealing a trace dismay.
    Those four hours, she only felt as if something was washing over the meridians in her entire body. It was inexplicably comfortable.
    However, feeling comfortable is still useless!
    She still hasn’t broken through her bottleneck.
    Just as Muyan is about to get up, she comes across a soft little body beside her.
    Without knowing when, Xiao Bao has already fallen asleep.
    The handsome little face is indescribably serene, like a heavenly sprite that has fallen into the mundane world, like the most beautiful white jade carving between heaven and earth.
    The warm, small form gets closer to her, every movement is filled with attachment.
    But because he doesn’t want to disturb her, he has only used his tiny hands clutch the hems of her clothes.

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  2. All she’d need to do is pay some town callers to inform the populous that the only senior doctor has opened the center. Her status is higher by her rank alone. Ppl would figure out the rest from gossip. Also, ugh(from last chapter), not only is he a stalker and abusive he is also mentally unstable to the max. If you get jealous/murderous from a girl(that’s not yours but you think is yours) talking with her brother you need to look at yourself and realize your internally quite disgusting. What sane person even has those type of thoughts? Jealous of brother/sister relationships. Sicko. Yeah everyone let’s cheer him on, hes a great catch!


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