EMHS – ch235

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Chapter 235: Comply with the Marriage Contract

        Xiao Bao releases her hand and he pushes a palm towards Su Yuexiang’s chest.

    Powerful Internal Force suddenly bursts out.

    With a bang, Su Yuexiang is blasted straight out and lands on the open space outside the door. She immediately spurts out a mouthful of blood and passes out.

    Shen father still has his hands outstretched to save his grandson. As he sees the scene unfold, he becomes completely and thoroughly stupefied.

    Struck dumb.

    This… this is a palm strike that a four-year-old child can produce?

    And this four-year-old child is his grandson?!

    Is he really not dreaming?

    Xiao Bao withdraws his hand, his little face is as cold as before, but everyone who knows him well could see that there’s some unease within his eyes.

    “Grandfather, Xiao Bao just shattered all her ribs, didn’t kill her.”

    Therefore, it can’t considered to be going against niangqin’s words, can it? — that this annoying woman would be left for grandfather to handle.

    Saying that, Xiao Bao even turns to look at Muyan.

    Only to see Muyan smiling towards him, and his taut little form immediately relaxes.

    The Shen patriarch abruptly comes back to his senses as well. He immediately shakes his head like a rattle-drum, “Xiao Bao didn’t do anything wrong, Xiao Bao has done very well! That bad woman wanted to hurt you so it wouldn’t matter even if you did kill her. Grandfather is just amazed, didn’t expect that our Xiao Bao would be so incredible.”

    Xiao Bao blinks, and there’s a surge of ripples on his big blue eyes, their resplendence is like sparkling and translucent gems.

    Twinkling within them is pride, happiness and the warmth he’s never had before – one from a grandfather to a grandson.

    Muyan withdraws her gentle gaze as she turns to look at the only one there who’s still well and intact where he stands, the Lu family Master.

    As he meets her line of sight, a shiver runs through Lu Yongli. He kneels down with a thud, “Miss Jun, this humble one had been demented, mind muddled by dog excrement, only then could I move against you. I’m begging you to be magnanimous, and let me and my son keep our small lives.”

    “I can spare both of your little lives.” Muyan chuckles and tosses him a porcelain bottle.

    The bottle rolls before Lu Yongli.

    Muyan goes on to say, “This is a draught that can destroy ninety percent of your cultivation. If you obediently drink it down yourself, leave Tianyuan City and never come back, then I will spare your and your son’s lives.”

    Lu Yongli once again uncontrollably shakes from head to foot, there’s obvious fear and struggle showing up in his eyes.

    “You can also choose to not drink it.” Muyan chuckles, “Then I’ll go ahead and have you settle the account of the Lu family injuring my older brother.”

    “I’ll drink! I’ll drink!” Lu Yongli doesn’t dare to hesitate any longer, picking up the draught and pouring it into his mouth.

    A burning, melting pain wells up from his Qi Sea, and he lets out a mournful and anguished howl from the pain.

    Lu Yongli almost feels like he’s been fooled, that this can’t be a draught that would cripple nine-tenths of his cultivation, when it’s clearly a draught that will put him to death.

    This kind of pain continues for another quarter of an hour, until it slowly disappears from his Qi Sea, his limbs, his bones.

    But at the same time, he feels that his body has become completely empty inside.

    As he casually operates his Internal Force, he finds that his meridians are clogged up, Qi Sea dry, and the Internal Force that remain is only a tenth of what it was.

    He has already changed from an Earth Stage master into a Primary Stage waste.

    Lu Yongli is trembling, his eyes show grief, and there’s a delirious resentment in his mind.

    But as he raises his head and makes contact with Muyan’s pair of limpid and luminous eyes, all of that resentment is like a punctured balloon, and gets thoroughly replaced by fear and sorrow.

    He seems to have aged by ten years in that short while. He pulls his son to leave.

    Yet Lu Chengcai is still drooling for Muyan, “Pretty wife… go to sleep… want fairy-sister…”

    Lu Yongli’s terrified soul almost jumps out. This idiot, still daring to provoke that comet of disaster in spite of everything.

    At this moment however, Muyan opens her mouth to talk, “Since there’s a marriage contract between the Shen family and the Lu family, that naturally must be complied with.”

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