EMHS – ch234

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Chapter 234: Divorce You, Poisonous Woman

    Seeing that familiar smile, Shen Jinglin could no longer keep himself up. His body goes soft and he falls down.

    Yan Haotian has quick eyes and quicker hands, catching Shen Jinglin.

    Muyan grasps his wrists to examine him, and determines that he has only collapsed from exhaustion. Only then does she sigh in relief, and has Yan Haotian take him to his room to rest first.

    “Father.” after sending Shen Jinglin off, Muyan turns to Shen father, “In the end, Su Yuexiang is your wife. It would be yours to decide how to deal with her.”

    Shen Yicheng slowly nods. He goes on to crouch before Su Yuexiang.

    Su Yuexiang trembles as she looks at him, tears and snot all over her face, “Master, I’ve waited upon you for so many years, without credit for all the hard work. Can you spare me… spare me!”

    Shen Yicheng quietly looks at her, then he closes his eyes in bitterness, “My ultimate regret in this life is that I was tempted by you for a while, and slept with you for a night. Not only did I cause the death of my first wife, I even brought harm and suffering to my two children.”

    “Su Yuexiang, from today onward, you and I will be breaking all ties, we would no longer be husband and wife.”

    Su Yuexiang snaps her eyes wide open, saying with a hiss: “Shen Yicheng, you… what do you mean by this?”

    “What this means is that I’m divorcing you, you poisonous woman. From now on, you and your malicious daughter are no longer people of my Shen family.”

    “Shen Yicheng, you cannot divorce me! I don’t have anything left now, if you divorce me, how can I live?!”

    Su Yuexiang herself doesn’t have the least bit of cultivation. Now that her daughter had turned into a waste, even the Su family wouldn’t accept her.

    How can she keep on living after she gets driven out?

    However, Shen Yicheng’s face is resolute, not even looking at her. As if he’s already spurning her to the highest degree.

    Su Yuexiang is at a loss as she looks around, anxious and desperate.

    Suddenly, her eyes zero-in on Muyan and Xiao Bao.

    In a split second, the despair within the depths of her eyes turn into a complete and unhinged resentment.

    “Slut, this is because of you! If only you didn’t return, everything would be all right. It’s you who caused harm to my daughter, caused harm to me!”

    “You won’t let me live, then I also want you to live a life worse than death!”

    Su Yuexiang shouts as she frenziedly charges towards Xiao Bao.

    She wants to kill Jun Muyan’s son, she wants to let Jun Muyan also taste the pain of losing a child.

    She wants Jun Muyan to live a life worse than death!!

    Shen father didn’t expect that by intending to leave Su Yuexiang a way to survive,

    this deranged and demented woman would actually want to injure his grandson.

    He immediately roars anxiously, “Su Yuexiang, stop! You’re not allowed to harm my grandson!!”

    However, he’s physically weak and Su Yuexiang has charged so suddenly. There’s no way he can stop her.

    In a moment, Su Yuexiang’s sharp-nailed fingers have already arrived near Xiao Bao’s head.

    Yet every individual in the audience is calm, steady, and unperturbed. It’s as if they’re simply not seeing this scene at all. 

    Muyan is leisurely plucking on the zither strings.

    The people of the Ink Camp are picking their nails in boredom.

    It seems as if no one cares about Xiao Bao’s life or death.

    Su Yuexiang lets out a laugh like a broken wind box*. She extends her hand to go for the child’s soft and tender neck, intending to squeeze it, “Bastard, drop dead! You can only blame the fact that you are Jun Muyan’s s…”

  • an instrument used to blast wind, usually to help making a fire.

    She couldn’t finish saying the word ‘son’.

    A sudden burst of piercing pain comes through from her wrist, along with the crackling sound of bones breaking.

    A pair of stubby little hands are fastened around Su Yuexiang’s wrists, lightly twisting.

    The bones on Su Yuexiang’s hand are as feeble as dried twigs as they break.

    Xiao Bao releases her hand and he pushes a palm towards Su Yuexiang’s chest.

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  1. Wanting to kill Xiao Bao? You are just serving up yourself to be killed. The little boy’s cultivation level is high compare to yours which is zero.


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