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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 229: Waste Him

The tendons on her hands and feet have all been cut off, they couldn’t move anymore.

Madam Lu has completely become a cripple.

Master Lu straightens his eyes, glaring at Muyan who had mangled his wife, his whole body and his mouth are shaking uncontrollably.

He points at Muyan and screams, “My Lu family didn’t have any disagreements or hatred against you before. Even if our eyes had failed to recognize Mount Tai and offended you, you didn’t have… didn’t have to be this ruthless, did you?”

Muyan laughs grimly, her quiet eyes are devoid of any warmth as they look at him, “No disagreements or hatred in the past? Then Master Lu, can you please tell me, for what reason would the Lu and Shen families make this kind of marriage contract?”

This question has made several people there suddenly tremble.

Lu Yongli’s eyes reveal the color of pure fear.

He hears Muyan continue: “Or should I ask, what was your agreement with Su Yuexiang? Did she agree to draw up a marriage contract with the Lu family? Who was initially supposed to marry Lu Chengcai? Why did it change into Shen Xiaoru afterwards? If you can give me the answers these questions one by one, and if I’m satisfied with those answers, then I will spare the people of the Lu family who are present at this moment. What do you think?”

Lu Yongli looks at Su Yuexiang in alarm, and again at Shen Jinglin. His voice is trembling, “No… no, I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

Before he could finish what he’s saying, he hears a metallic sound.

Lu Yongli could only feel a sharp pain on his hands and feet, and he falls down to his knees with a thud.

He has yet to produce a shrill anguished wailing, when he hears Muyan’s frosty voice by his ears, “If you still don’t want to speak the truth, then next, you will be exactly the same as your wife – a cripple.”

“I’ll speak! I’ll speak! I’ll tell you everything! You mustn’t cut off my tendons!” Lu Yongli couldn’t take it anymore, and he begs for mercy again and again, his face dripping with tears and snot.

“A year ago, Su Yuexiang looked for me all of a sudden, saying that she would like to marry off a daughter of the Shen family to my son, Lu Chengcai, on the condition that I would do something for her.”

“Do what?”

Lu Yongli sends Shen Jinglin a terrified glance once again, and just as he’s about to speak,

Su Yuexiang screeches, “Lu-fellow, you mustn’t talk rubbish, when did I look for you…”


With a sound of the zither, a hole suddenly splits open in Su Yuexiang’s flapping mouth, blood flies about in all directions.

Her whole body rolls down to the floor in pain, continuously howling.

Muyan icily says: “It’s still not your turn to talk right now, don’t rush.”

Turning to Lu Yongli, “Continue!”

Lu Yongli’s intestines are seriously ruined now, and he also hates Su Yuexiang to his bones.

If it weren’t for this woman, how could his Lu family fall to this end?

“Su Yuexiang, she… she wanted me to find someone in Shen Jinglin’s travels, and waste him!”

Upon hearing this, Shen Jinglin and his father snap their eyes wide open, incredulously looking over.

Only Muyan is loftily unmoved, continuing to say: “What did you do?”

Lu Yongli shudders, and proceeds with resignation: “Shen Jinglin’s cultivation was pretty good, and he also had a lot of companions by his side. My people were unable to succeed in the beginning.”

Shen Jinglin’s original cultivation has already reached the peak of Profound Stage. Except for Lu Yongli and his father, no one in the Lu family was able match against Shen Jinglin without any assistance.

“Until at one point, who knows who he has provoked, but he got beaten and severely wounded, veins were half-destroyed, and dying. My… my people seized the opportunity… seized the opportunity to completely break his leg bone, even destroying his Qi Sea, and made him a complete waste.”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


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  2. I’m am rarely a violent person. In fact my co workers tell me that I’m very bubbly.

    It just…times like these bring out my inner blood thirsting she-demon. She is ask for blood. For retribution. She is calling for R gore. Like something apocalyptic and from doom.

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