EMHS – ch223

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 223: Invite to watch a good show

All of the house’s old servants and maids that she’s familiar with, why isn’t there any of them that remain?

Shen Jinglin dejectedly shakes his head, “I’m not clear on it either. After you went missing, father had been continuously looking for your whereabouts, investigating from the burnt remains over at the Su family, to every city and every country.”

“There had never been any news, that is until a year ago, when father suddenly said that he seems to have grasped some clues about your disappearance back then, and he’ll go and investigate.”

“But since then, father didn’t send any messages for several months. When he appeared once again, he’s bloodied and collapsed on a pool of blood. When he woke up again, he had already been in that state of madness.”

Muyan stares, and it takes her a good long while before she could speak: “Father… had been looking for me?”

“That’s right!” Shen Jinglin guiltily looks at Muyan, “Yanyan, father and I have always felt that we’ve let you down. Back then, we knew perfectly well that Su Yuexiang, that woman is not good to you… but we left you and we went out to practice through experience. When we returned, only then did we know that they have sent you to the Su family, while… while you’re still pregnant with a child…”

“At that time, father and I did all we could, wanting to get you back. But Su Yuexiang obstructed us in every possible way. I had no choice but to sneak into the Su family’s land to try and look for you. Who would have thought that you were already gone.”

“Ever since you’ve gone missing, father often turned to wine to forget his worries. He would always yell when he was drunk, that he’s sorry to his Yi-brother, sorry to his benefactor that he didn’t take good care of his only daughter.”

Shen Jinglin holds Muyan’s hand, his voice choking with emotions: “Yanyan, can you forgive dad? He isn’t a good father, but all these years, he had dearly regretted how he wasn’t able to take care of you at that time.”

Muyan has a complicated expression as she looks at the Shen father who’s unconscious on the bed, whispering after a long pause: “Muyan still hasn’t repaid father’s kindness of raising me, what’s there to forgive?”

“Brother, how did your leg get injured?”

Shen Jinglin stares blankly, then emotions slowly whirl in his eyes – embarrassment, humiliation, pain, and unwillingness. One after another, they billow over and over.

Finally, he closes his eyes and says with a soft gasp: “Yanyan, brother begs you not to ask. That person is someone we can’t provoke, we… really can’t afford to offend. So let it be, okay?”

Muyan still wants to say more, but she sees that Shen Jinglin is in pain and despair, that he’s about to fall apart.

In the end, she swallows back those words on her lips, “Well, brother, I’ll leave it be, so don’t be sad. But you can be at ease that I can definitely cure your leg.”

Shen Jinglin’s mind slowly calms down, “Does father really need seven days before he could wake up?”

Hearing that, Muyan chuckles, “Of course not. Father’s poison, even if it had entered his heart, he can wake up immediately as long as he’s detoxified the right way.”

“Then… when you said seven days?”

“Hehe, if I didn’t say that, then how could those two foxes show their tails?”

Saying so, she sends Shen Jinglin a mischievous wink, “Brother, after six days, little sister invites you to watch a good show, okay?”


Six days later.

When the Lu family’s marriage sedan arrives with a grandiose procession, Muyan and Shen Jinglin are attending to their father inside the room.

Hearing the rumbling sounds of shawms, gongs, drums from outside, Shen Jinglin asks in astonishment: “What’s going on?”

Muyan looks outside, with a smile that isn’t a smile: “Probably the Lu family’s procession to escort a bride.”

“Lu family’s bride escort??!” Shen Jinglin is alarmed and wide-eyed, “When did our Shen family decide to have a marriage with the Lu family?”

Without waiting for Muyan to answer, the door is suddenly pushed open a with a ‘bang’.

Shen Xiaoru comes in first, followed by Su Yuexiang.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


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