EMHS – ch163

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 163: There Are Visitors

This is clearly one auspicious and harmonious, wealthy and peerless household!

Xiao Bao ferociously glares at the boss.

Who’s family with that shameless lecher!

Unfortunately, the boss doesn’t receive his vicious looks, and only continues to be all-smiles as he praises Muyan, “Madam has such great fortune, your husband loves you so dearly, and your son is so filial to you…”

Muyan: “???”

It’s just that, before the boss could finish and before Muyan could ask some questions, Xiao Bao’s little face turns fierce and he directly pulls Muyan away.

Along the way, Xiao Bao wouldn’t say anything no matter how Muyan asks.

That man that he fought against, that man that he lost to…

This kind of shameful thing, he won’t say it, he won’t let niangqin know of it!


Muyan returns to the Junji Drugstore with Xiao Bao, only to find that that inside the pharmacy which should’ve been deserted, there are a lot of people sitting there right now.

Because Junji Drugstore sells a very special draught daily,

In the wee hours of the morning here everyday, there would be a tide of people, rushing forth like they can’t wait to flatten the pharmacy to the ground.

But it only takes a half an hour, and these people would completely scatter.

Because the special draught would be sold out by then!

Since it’s sold out, why would they still stay here? They would naturally wait until early the next morning to come again and line up.

It’s strange that today, it’s already in the evening when Muyan returns but not only is the shop not lonely and deserted, it’s even crammed with dozens of people.

Chen Qingfeng, the one receiving the guests, is shrinking in a corner, deathly pale and trembling.

Yan Haotian is there as well. His whole body is stretched taut, like he’s facing a big opponent.

As soon as he sees Muyan entering through the door, Chen Qingfeng immediately rushes over like one grabbing a final life-saving straw, “Miss Jun, little gongzi, you’re finally back!”

If they don’t return, he’s going to faint from fright.

Muyan indifferently shifts her line of sight to the others and quickly understands why Chen Qingfeng would be so scared, and the reason why Yan Haotian looks like he’s facing a big foe.

That’s because all the people that are here in the shop right now, they’re all from the Ghost City.

Both Ru Yan and Old Tao are among them.

Furthermore, some people aren’t Ghost Envoys, but Muyan had seen them from Wan Ren Ku and the Beast Fighting Colosseum.

These are slaves that are accustomed to seeing blood, perhaps they’re even savage and ruthless criminals.

Tsk… what does Ghost City want to do?

Could it be that they want to demand recompense for their losses a few days ago?

“Greetings to Miss Jun.” as she’s thinking, a middle aged man stands up from within the crowd, two streaks of frosty white hair on his temples. He respectfully cups his hands in greeting towards her and says, “This one is Ghost King Xia Yi of the Ghost City. Today, we’re disturbing Miss Jun, specifically coming to apologize to you. Hoping that you would be a person of great moral stature and wouldn’t remember the offenses of the coarse, pardon our Ghost City’s discourtesy towards you.”


Chen Qingfeng whips his head dim-wittedly, looking at the middle-aged man as he’s simply unable to believe his own ears.

Even Yan Haotian slightly widens his eyes in astonishment.

Just now, who did the middle-aged man say he is?

The Ghost City’s Ghost King?!

God, the one who even the three emperors of the countries of Chi Yan, Jing Cheng and Huang Yao aren’t in his eyes, that Ghost King?

Why would he show up here?

Not only that. The Ghost King has actually… has actually come to apologize to Miss Jun?

Chen Qingfeng thinks that his ears aren’t just broken, as this is like an auditory hallucination.

Nevertheless, Muyan has a leisurely look, neither happy nor angry as she finds a chair to sit on at the side.

Xiao Bao offers her a cup of tea. Muyan takes it with a smile, then brings Xiao Bao in her arms.

She sips her tea and unhurriedly smiles, “Ghost King Xia, will you not blame me for ruining the Ghost City and even looting it?”


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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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