EMHS – ch162

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 162: A Perfectly-Matched Family

Muyan sees that Xiao Bao’s face is red, and eventually stops teasing her son.

Instead, she smiles and takes his little hand as they continue to walk forward.

Xiao Bao thinks with a bright red face—

Niangqin is too easy, too… too unserious.

So many people are looking!

But he can’t help but tighten his hold on Muyan’s hand, his huge, bright and intelligent eyes has the brilliance like the twinkling of the stars.

It would be good if he can always be together with niangqin like this.


“Hey, little gongzi, please wait, little gongzi!”

Just as Muyan and Xiao Bao have finished eating, and are about to go back,

They’re passing by the Treasure Pavilion when the proprietor hastily runs out and calls for them to stop.

Muyan halts her steps and turns around with Xiao Bao, the pair looking at the man together.

The boss promptly shows a flattering smile, “Little gongzi, do you still remember this humble one? A few days ago, you bought a pair of white jade earrings from our store. I was wondering if you’ve already gifted away those earrings?”

Before Xiao Bao could respond, Muyan giggles and lifts up her long hair, “The boss’ earrings are really exquisite, I like it very much.”

“It turns out that the little gongzi gifted the earrings to you, Miss. The little gongzi is really on great terms with his older sister!”

The boss can see that Muyan is less than twenty years old, and has a lot of resemblance with Xiao Bao. He automatically believes that Muyan is Xiao Bao’s older sister.

But Xiao Bao is unwilling.

His little face grows cold immediately, just like frost. He clutches Muyan’s hand even tighter.

The frosty childish voice says: “My niangqin!”

The boss has already experienced this little devil’s dreadful pressure, and he’s so scared he’s trembling violently, nearly running away to escape.

But after hearing Xiao Bao’s words, he becomes stumped for words. He immediately comes to his senses, and immediately speaks in a more flattering manner: “So it turns out, so it turns out, the little gongzi is really filial. Madam, you’re truly blessed!”

Muyan smiles gently as she says: “No need for boss to be so flustered. Is there a reason for you to call us to stop?”

“Yes… yes, it’s like this, those earrings that the little gongzi had bought previously, they’re actually with…”

As the boss is halfway through his explanation, he suddenly widens his eyes. Pointing towards the white jade bracelet on Muyan’s wrist, he says in disbelief: “That… how could that bracelet be on your hands too?”

Muyan also stares blankly because of his words. For a brief moment, not knowing how to answer.

What, is this jade bracelet not supposed to be with her?

The boss stares distractedly for quite a while, then he suddenly slaps his thigh as he comes to a realization. Saying: “I see, so the deity-like gongzi that day is actually this young woman’s and the little gongzi’s family! So these set of Dragon and Phoenix jewelry was actually gifted to the young Madam.”

“And I’ve been extremely worried too. That’s because the master who made these earrings and bracelet had once said, that it is an omen of uncertainty if the Dragon and Phoenix are separated. Now these Dragon and Phoenix are symbols of good fortune on madam’s hand. It really sets my mind to rest.”

Saying so, he still glances at Xiao Bao with a blaming look, “Little gongzi, you and that gongzi are obviously family, how come the surging waters flooded the Dragon King temple* that day, like relatives not recognizing their own?”

  • a dispute between close people

At this time, there’s not a trace of doubt in the boss’ mind about their identity as family.


That’s because they’re so perfectly-matched.

The woman before his eyes is so beautiful. Not to mention the bone-deep grace and the atmosphere that is free from the vulgarities of the world.

And the man that day, needless to say, one look and you can tell that he had been sitting in a high position for a long time, an incomparable and majestic existence.

Nevertheless, this little gongzi is still the most obvious.

He inherited this woman’s beauty, and the momentum coming out of his body is the same as that man. Those rare blue irises, now that he thinks about it, they’re almost exactly the same as those of that man’s.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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