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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 44: The Sound Blade

As soon as she exits the space, Muyan hears a large rumbling sound from the ground.

It comes along with terrifying roars of beasts and fearful screams of people.

What is happening?

All the animals in the Fog Forest are rampaging? But why?

Muyan suddenly feels something soft and warm on her foot.

She looks down to find the white rabbit that woke up who knows when.

It goes and rubs against her feet. The round insipid red eyes are concealed beneath the long fur and hide its emotions.

The warm body snuggling to her feet seems to be trembling.

“Afraid?” Muyan asks gently.

The rabbit can’t help but curl up even tighter, and the shivering worsens.

Muyan smiles lightly. She picks up the rabbit and sends it into the space.

This is her son’s pet and playmate, how can she just cast it away or let it die?

Just as the rabbit is thrown in, the ground beneath her feet quakes more violently.

The animal roars and immense vibrations from the sounds are getting closer and closer to her.

Muyan knits her brows and grabs a vine that’s hanging down an overhanging cliff. She nimbly climbs up.

She uses Mysterious Energy to fuel her jumps. A few breaths later, Muyan has climbed to the top of the cliff.

The fog is as thick as before but with her occupying a high ground, she could finally see the animals scattering in all directions like they lost their minds.

There are people running, they came to Fog Forest to treasure hunt. Now they could be trampled under the beasts’ feet like mud.

Muyan’s expressions suddenly changes, she whips around.

Behind her, she sees a large pack of red-tailed wolves slowly appear, each about half a person tall.

Three… five… ten… …one hundred…

A brief moment later, there are a hundred red-tailed wolves on the cliff where Muyan is at.

Her expression turns heavy, she steps back.

There is a squeaking sound that comes from under the cliff.

Turning around, she could see that the overhang that she just climbed up to is covered by a dense pack of large rats.

Right now, Muyan has no way to retreat, and there are pursuers.

In such an impasse, Muyan’s mouth arcs into a strange smile. Her eyes are even more poetic, enticing and moving.

In the next moment, she flips her wrists up and a dark and unremarkable zither appears in her hands.

Slender white hands pluck the strings and the elegant zither sounds drift around.

The animals that were gradually approaching suddenly stop.

Muyan’s smile grows deeper.

Surrounded by opponents in this way, being on a tight spot, she arranges her clothes and sits down with confidence and ease.

“Aowuuu -!!” A wolf issues a howl, its eyes redden, and it suddenly takes the lead to rush ahead.

Muyan bends her fingers, they slightly oscillate.

A “deng” is heard. From the void, it attacks a red-tailed wolf and it gives a miserable howl. It pierces through the belly and leaves a gaping hole, blood splatters.

The scent of blood permeates everywhere and instantly excites the viciousness of the beasts.

The red-tail wolves howl and the flood of rats squeak, rushing in droves to attack Muyan.

Muyan’s eyes rise a bit, and her hands playing on the strings immediately move faster.

*Gong, shang, jiao, zheng, yu, the pentatonic scale is manipulated into an arrangement. The sounds transform into a rousing and severe melody flowing from her hands.
*Equivalent to Do, Re, Mi

The sound of each note produces a wind blade.

A wind blade that contains mysterious energy can kill a mighty red-tail wolf in a blink of an eye.

This is exactly the Tian Mo Qin’s most basic group-target attack – Sound Blade.


On top of a higher mountain, the thick fog is just like a frozen mist, there’s a chill that could reach one’s bones.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


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  1. I guess he’s a summoning type? Controlling hoards of beasts to defeat his enemies without having to get directly involved, that’s pretty cool.
    Thanks for the chapter.


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