EMHS – ch43

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 43 Jun Shang~

  • A way to address a monarch

He is so cute and Muyan couldn’t help but kiss him for a few more times before saying: “That’s what that Baili-aunt said. A Shen Musician is a really strong and heaven-defying existence. Now I can totally understand why those people wanted to get rid of them.”

Shen Musician: possesses all the skills available to ordinary musicians. She can confuse people’s minds and can also appease their minds.

As well as various abilities that does not conform to the natural order, unavailable to the common musicians.

The most basic Sound Blade, for example, can attack an individual or a group. If it is promoted to a certain level, a Shen Musician with a single zither would be able to face thousands of troops and extinguish them in an instant.

Frightening? But this is far from the most frightening part.

A song from a Shen Musician can not only attack but it can also treat illnesses, improve the production of medicine and smelting of tools, it could even induce the growth of mysterious plants. According to the memories from the Inheritance, incorporating the zither’s sound to the growth of mysterious plants, or during the process of alchemy, can increase the elixir’s potency by several folds.

The sound can catalyze poison to disperse all over the sky, blending into the very air and instantly destroy a city.

Muyan gulps; she temporarily doesn’t scan her mind for the other skills.

Only these, she already feels that they are completely beyond imagination.

Xiao Bao listens to what Muyan has said, but thinks that it’s just as it should be: “Niangqin is the strongest; Shen Musician just barely qualifies to have niangqin.”

Muyan is amused by her baby’s biased stance, and her fingers gently touch the Tian Mo Qin.

After receiving those memories, Muyan consequently learns how to use the Tian Mo Qin.

It comes with its own space, and the Tian Mo Qin that has recognized her as master will automatically hide within her body.

Slender fingers touch the zither, and with just a thought, the old Qin disappears into Muyan’s hands.

Muyan says with an easy smile: “Xiao Bao, do you wanna go to a fun place with niangqin?”

Xiao Bao hugs Muyan’s neck and expressionlessly nods. His eyes are bright.

The figures, one large and one small, disappear from the forest.

The illumination before her suddenly becomes bright. Muyan finds herself and Xiao Bao to have entered a massive space that has a sky and earth.

Muyan never knew that there could be such a miraculous thing.

Hiding in her body, but containing a vast world.

There are white clouds in the sky, green plains, and a lofty palace.

Xiao Bao is also very delighted. Although he doesn’t wildly run about, his eyes incessantly look around while he holds Muyan’s hand.

As Muyan is about to take him to check out the palace called “Demonic Hall”, the space suddenly gives a faint quake.

This is an indication that the undulations of the air outside are unstable.

Muyan frowns and says: “Xiao Bao, stay here, niangqin will go out and take a look.”

Although Xiao Bao very much wants to follow his mother, he still nods in the end.

What Muyan doesn’t know, is that the moment when she received the memory of the inheritance, far away in a different sky, a world where the mighty Cultivators* could live, someone is alarmed.
*Xiuxian, like the continent is named after the people: Immortal cultivators.

It is precisely his arrival that triggered turmoil among the beasts in the Fog Forest, and therefore affect Muyan’s space.


“Jun Shang!” A trembling voice comes from the floor, “The natal chart has turned, and Shen Musician has an heir. Jun Shang, I am afraid that your destined woman has appeared.”

The old man kneeling on the floor raises his head to look at the man who is not far away from him.

The man has an incomparably handsome appearance, but his expression is as cold as ice and frost. His eyes flicker with a blue light.

He suddenly gets up and exits through the door.

The old man trembles and asks, “Jun Shang, are you going to receive the fated woman?”

“Receive her?” the man’s handsome face reveals a callous and mocking smile, “Ben Jun* never believed in destiny.”
*like Benwang but better. Jun means ‘sovereign/monarch’

Since he doesn’t believe it, then naturally kill.

The old man opens his mouth but it the end, says nothing.


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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father



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