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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 42: Getting the Treasure

Xiao Bao tightens his tiny face and nods slowly. His eyes are particularly bright, “As long as Xiao Bao is with niangqin, then okay.”

Muyan’s mouth is slightly upturned, and the beautiful face once again adorns a leisurely smile.

She turns to Baili Yinlou: “I accept the Shen Musician Inheritance.”

Baili Yinlou is taken aback once again, “Are you really not going to ask about the Shen Musician’s inherited Cultivation Methods, Manuals, and Treasures? Do you not want to know our God Musicians enemies, and who will be your enemies in the future?”

With derision in her eyes, Muyan chuckles, “I want to ask, but do you still have the time to explain it to me?”

Baili Yinlou looks baffled, and then she gives a smile that is both helpless and lauding: “Jun Muyan, you really are a bright and admirable woman. If it’s you, then perhaps you may succeed… one day, maybe our Hall of God Musicians would be able to see the light of day again.”

Baili Yinlou’s figure becomes increasingly transparent as she speaks.

The reason why Muyan said that is because she feels that the space of inheritance is becoming more and more unstable, and will evidently collapse soon.

And this is why Baili Yinlou had been encouraging her when she took the third trial, and chattered endlessly.

For if she did not succeed, Baili Yinlou is already unable to maintain the space, and the legacy of the Shen Musicians will be cut off.

Baili Yinlou sighs softly. Within it there is relief, reluctance, and hope: “Tian Mo Qin comes with a space. The treasures left by the God Musicians, as well as my notes for you – all of them are inside. Also, you must bear in mind that the most powerful skills of the Shen Musician can only be achieved through the use of Tian Mo Qin. To become a true Shen Musician, you have to repair it.”

“How can we repair the Tian Mo Qin?”

“Space… map… coordinates…” Baili Yinlou’s voice is getting more and more indistinct, and her form is almost completely invisible.

The space where they are begins to shake violently. It seems like it will collapse at any moment now.

Muyan carries Xiao Bao with one hand and grabs the Tian Mo Qin with the other.

The space’s collapse becomes more and more severe. Everything around them seems to implode into a dot of light, and it converges into Muyan’s body.

Countless images appear before Muyan’s eyes. The cave with sword energies and zither melodies, the old palace, and various musical instruments… and then the continuously changing Qin sound and rhythm in her ears.

Surging and tumbling through her mind, she begins to see all sorts of memories that do not belong to her.

No, calling them ‘memories’ is inaccurate. It should be cultivation methods, the skills of a Shen Musician.

Muyan turns pale from the large influx of information, her forehead is covered with fine beads of sweat.

Xiao Bao feels distressed as he looks at his mother’s pained expression. He wants to say something but is afraid to disturb her. He could only gently wipe off the perspiration from her forehead.

He instinctively knows that niangqin could not be interrupted right now.

After about a quarter of an hour, Muyan slowly opens her eyes at last, and takes a deep breath.

The space of inheritance has completely disappeared now. Muyan and Xiao Bao emerge in the dark Fog Forest.

“Niangqin!” Xiao Bao says in pleasant surprise. The tiny hands securely attach themselves to Muyan’s neck and clings there.

Muyan kisses Xiao Bao’s cheeks, and with a frivolous and delighted voice: “Xiao Bao, we’ve got the treasure!”

Xiao Bao tilts his head, showing a puzzled expression.

He looks so cute, so Muyan can’t help but pepper him with kisses again.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  1. That all worked out more or less well, good for Muyan. It’s important she gets stronger because otherwise Xiao Bao will out pace her, and how could she protect him then?
    Thanks for the chapter.


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