EMHS – ch18

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 18: Call Out as I Listen

Lou Beiyu just shouted a warning when he sees that the maid is only two or three steps away from MuYan, and then the maid staggers and heavily falls to the ground. They were not able to see why.

Crash – a crashing sound, dust flying, fog drifting

When the maid raises her head again, her nose and mouth are smeared with blood, and she’s missing a big chunk from her front teeth. She was really horrible to look at.

MuYan looks on leisurely, she didn’t move as she’s still carrying Xiao Bao. Her smile is very relaxed and peaceful.

All the people at the scene stays silent for a while, before someone finally reacts.

Gou Zifei steps forward to help the maid stand up. Her red-tinted eyes look straight at Lou Beiyu, “Cousin, how can you do this? Even if you really don’t have any feelings for me, and even blame me, it isn’t really necessary to touch my maid, is it? I never thought that you are actually such a narrow-minded person!”

Lou Beiyu’s handsome face scrunches up and turns red in that instant – angered.

Lou Beiyu’s maid finally couldn’t continue to tolerate it and sharply says: “Miss Guo, you should complain less as you pretend to be noble and virtuous. In Chi Yan Country, who doesn’t know that you had been greedy for power and wealth so you abandoned His Highness, your fiancé? That you voluntarily followed Jing Cheng Country’s Second Prince, to be his Side Consort? Pei, it’s obviously what you did and you’re just asking for a ‘bitch’ memorial archway*. What’s the ‘had no other choice’ that you said? Disgusting!”

* a play on the “to lead the life of a whore but still want a monument put up to one’s chastity” idiom


“That’s right, what Side Consort, in the end, isn’t it just a concubine? When she grows old and feeble, lets then see what kind of good end she would have!”

This time, Gou Zifei trembles in anger.

Two tracks of tears stream down. She stares at Lou Beiyu with redness on her eyes, “Cousin, would you allow your maid to insult me so much? Did you forget that, at one time, we were a couple that grew up as childhood friends? Could it be that you really have no feelings of friendship for me?”

Lou Beiyu is sullen but calm. He doesn’t pay her any attention but turns to MuYan instead. “Master, let’s go!”

“Cousin, at least ask this woman to surrender my Blue Treasure Fruit to me!” Gou Zifei urgently says in a loud voice, “The Blue Treasure Fruit is something we kept for three days and three nights and it was difficult to obtain. Cousin, you had always been upright and straightforward, do you want to snatch someone else’s property?”

“That’s right, in order to get this Blue Treasure Fruit, we even lost some people!” Gou Zifei’s maid can’t help but chime in.

Lou Beiyu coldly replies: “This is now my Master’s Blue Treasure Fruit, and it’s none of my business. It’s useless to ask me.”

Gou Zifei takes a look at MuYan and sees her skin like snow, glamorously brilliant. She was even more beautiful compared to her.

See also observes Lou Beiyu’s treatment, his attentiveness, and obedience to her. Her heart suddenly feels depressed and bursts in a raging jealousy.

MuYan looks only about eighteen or nineteen, her figure is delicate and slender. She is younger than Lou Beiyu.

How could she be Lou Beiyu’s master?

There can only be an affair between Lou Beiyu and her.

As soon as she thinks of how Lou Beiyu so quickly had a change of affection, Gou Zifei had to clench her teeth.

Shouldn’t Lou Beiyu constantly keep her in mind, unable to discard his love and hate for her in this life?

How can he so quickly fall out of love and fancy another woman?

Gou Zifei takes a deep breath, and faces MuYan. She tries to use a calm tone as much as possible: “This girl, you must have heard. This Blue Treasure Fruit was something that we secured. Please return it to us.”

MuYan is all smiles, “Oh? You say that this is yours? Why don’t you call out as I listen, then see if it responds? If it responds to you, I will give it back to you.”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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