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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 19 Good appetite

Pftt – , the guards and maids at Lou Beiyu’s side couldn’t help but laugh.

When they were tortured by this Jun girl on the road, they really felt like dying.

Seeing her directing that to others however, they inexplicably feel a sense of satisfaction.

Gou Zifei’s pretty face turns white, her maid is further incensed: “This is a spiritual fruit, not some strange animal. How could it possibly respond? You better not twist words and force logic, if you know what’s good for you, you should give the Blue Treasure Fruit back to us… you should be clear on the fact that offending people of our Royal Highness, Jing Cheng Country’s Second Prince, there won’t be any good end!”

“Do you really want this spiritual fruit?” MuYan raises her mouth, directing her gaze towards Gou Zifei. “If you want it, I can give it.”

“Jun girl – !” The head guard couldn’t just stand by so he exclaims, “Don’t let yourself be cheated by this woman!”

Gou Zifei nods, “Quickly give me the Blue Treasure Fruit!” Thinking that MuYan finally compromised, she inadvertently reveals a happy and complacent expression.

MuYan’s next sentence, however, stupefied everyone on the spot, “As long as you kneel down and give my apprentice three kowtows with your head banging* on the ground, then say ‘I am a cheap person (slut)’ a hundred times. Then I’ll give this Blue Treasure Fruit to you, how about it?”

*Standard Procedure


“Pftt … … ha ha ha ha … …” Lou Beiyu finally cracks a laugh out loud.

Those guardsmen, who had been tormented by MuYan’s till they wanted to die, now look at her with their eyes full of worship.

Lou Beiyu stops laughing. He looks at MuYan with red-rimmed eyes, and there is an inexplicable surge of sourness and warmth in his heart.

After being cast away by Gou Zifei, he became the laughing stock of Chi Yan Country.

Because of the power and influence of Jing Cheng Country’s second prince, he could not even seek justice for himself. Even his Emperor father wasn’t able to support him.

But he never could’ve thought that MuYan, whom he only got acquainted with for a few days, a Master he arbitrarily recognized, is actually willing to stick out for him.

Gou Zifei’s face color warps between green, red, white, and purple. Her whole body trembling, she suddenly unsheathes a long sword, and sternly shouts, “If you speak inconsiderately again, and not return the Blue Treasure Fruit to me, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

MuYan gives a mocking smile, her expression taunting, “It seems that you don’t want this Blue Treasure Fruit. Since you don’t, then Xiao Bao, you eat it.”

With his cold and exquisite little face, Xiao Bao hums, and then he takes the Blue Treasure Fruit and cracks it open and eats it.

The whole audience is struck dumb!

Ate it! Ate it!! Ate it!!!

That little pink jade-carving of a child, unexpectedly gnawed on the Blue Treasure Fruit directly?!!

This is a Blue Treasure Fruit!

It is filled with Mysterious Energy. Used in medicine and alchemy, it is rarely encountered in the world. A treasure that healers and alchemists dream of!

In the end, such a treasure was actually eaten raw by a child!

“M-ma-ma… Master! That was a Blue Treasure Fruit a! It contains extremely powerful Internal force. Ordinary people can’t eat it without having it undergo a refinement process, or it will burst their internal organs and kill them!” Lou Beiyu regains his wits. Looking at Blue Treasure Fruit that Xiao Bao has already chewed halfway, Lou Beiyu doesn’t look good.

MuYan has a carefree smile, and she casually and leisurely takes a handkerchief from her pocket to wipe her son’s mouth, “Rest assured, Xiao Bao has a good appetite and it will not fill him till he bursts.”

What kind of special classification, a good appetite!

Can this still be explained as a good appetite?

After Xiao Bao had eaten most of it, he hands the Blue Treasure Fruit to MuYan. “Niangqin, you eat!”

“Baby, are you full?”

Xiao Bao nods, the pink cheeks are still bulging, oozing with unbearable cuteness.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


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