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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 17: Stir-fried Rabbit Meat

Especially when it runs, the small butt shakes, and short limbs wobble left and right. It’s even more silly and ridiculous.

Lou Beiyu sees MuYan staring with bright eyes at the stupid rabbit and diligently says: “Master, do you like this rabbit? Should apprentice catch it for you to be your pet?”

As he sees it, even if MuYan is powerful, she’s still just an eighteen or nineteen-year-old girl. It’s normal to like cute, small, furry animals like the rabbit.

MuYan’s eyes are indeed bright, but she’s thinking about stir-fried rabbit, and braised rabbit meat.

Lou Beiyu waves his hand, and some Flying Fish guards immediately rush up.

Who knew that the seemingly sluggishly slow rabbit can accurately avoid them whenever they try pounce on it.

Just when the head guard got frustrated enough to want to use his mysterious abilities, the silly rabbit suddenly twitches its nose to sniff… and then it flees into Xiao Bao’s arms.

Xiao Bao is expressionless when his small hands catches the rabbit and holds it up, “Niangqin, I’ll make you a stir-fried rabbit.”

The rabbit then shakes twice, light flashes through its pale red eyes, and suddenly it opens its mouth to spit out a blue fruit.

MuYan and Xiao Bao didn’t have any reaction after seeing this fruit, but at the side, Lou Beiyu and his guards can’t help but exclaim, “Ah, it’s actually a Blue Treasure Fruit!! Thumb-sized Blue Treasure Fruits can sell at sky-high prices in the Ghost City!”

And this Blue Treasure Fruit is at least the size of an adult fist.

The rabbit kicks out with its feet, struggling to jump down from Xiao Bao’s hands. It uses its small short leg to push the Blue Treasure fruit to Xiao Bao.

The pale red, round eyes seem to beam with a fawning and cajoling light.

Xiao Bao looks up to MuYan, MuYan looks at the rabbit’s eyes and contemplates. As she was about to speak, the sound of noisy footsteps can suddenly be heard from the direction that the rabbit just emerged from.

“Miss, quickly come and see. The dead rabbit that stole our Blue Treasure fruit is really here!”

As the voice just finished, a few figures simultaneously appear.

At the front is a beautiful young girl wearing clothes of a lovely red shade.

She has bright eyes and white teeth, a beautiful complexion. Her features contain a tender, naive, and youthful charm; but there’s also the fascinating hint of a flavor of maturity and sophistication. It could draw people’s attention.

However, when Lou Beiyu sees this girl, his face immediately turns black.

The guards at his side also have unsightly expressions as they turn around exaggeratedly. They seem to loathe seeing this girl.

The girl also seems to be caught off-guard to encounter Lou Beiyu here, and she stares blankly.

It took a long time before she steps forward and says: “Zifei greets cousin. Cousin, long time no see.”

Lou Beiyu looks calm as he coldly says: “If there’s nothing, we will take our leave first!”

“Wait!” Gou Zifei quickly opens her mouth, then she bites her lips. Her voice carries a touch of grievance, “Do you still blame me, cousin? You should know that I have no other choice but to do it, and I didn’t really want to lose you!”

Lou Beiyu takes a deep breath, “You are now a consort of the Second Prince of Jing Cheng Country. You have nothing to do with me. I don’t want to meet you again in the future.”

Saying that, he walks over to MuYan and softly says: “Master, let’s go!”

Seeing this normally foolish royal prince expose an extremely indignant expression at this moment, MuYan goes pensive. She stands up while holding Xiao Bao.

But as they were about to leave, the maid besides Gou Zifei interferes, “Wait, you can leave, but that rabbit and the Blue Treasure Fruit that the rabbit stole, both must be returned to us!”

As she says that, the maid rushes towards MuYan and Xiao Bao, motioning to grab the Blue Treasure Fruit in Xiao Bao’s arms.

“Master, be careful!”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  1. thankyou for the chapter and poor maid she and her master are asking a beating
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