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Chapter 556: Inform
    Upon hearing the name Liu Se, Leng Qingwan’s pupils suddenly contract, her brows wrinkling a little.
    “Young Mistress, that woman had plotted against your life a hundred years ago. Now, we don’t know how she could still have the face to return to the altar. I think that the young Mistress doesn’t need to pay attention to her. Let her emerge and perish on her own, it’s fine to let her soul fly away and scatter.”
    A dark gleam flashes through Leng Qingwan’s eyes, “No. I want to see, after a hundred years, how she could have the face to come back to the Tian Yi Men.”
    Tian Yi Men Altar.
    Due to the conditions of activating [Temple Destruction], Liu Se’s soul is trapped in the Altar. She can move left and right, but she cannot break free. 
    “Master? I want to see Master!” she loudly calls and shouts with her hoarse, cackling voice, “Hurry and tell my Master, Liu Se has returned. I have a tremendously great secret that I want to tell my Master!”
    The many Tian Yi Men disciples standing in the surroundings are looking at her with pity and scorn in their gazes.
    But few people do anything.
    “Senior sister Liu, long time no see!” a clear, cold voice comes from the distance.
    The people of the Tian Yi Men, who were pretending not to hear Liu Se just now, immediately parts to make way. They all respectfully make their salutations towards the incoming person: “Greetings to the young Mistress!”
    Liu Se’s eyes go wide, dazedly staring at the slowly approaching Leng Qingwan.
    Her turbid eyes immediately bursts with a hateful gleam, “Leng Qingwan, Leng Qingwan, you slut, why are you the one who came? What about Master? I want to see my Master! Do you hear me?”
    Leng Qingwan sneers and says: “Why would Master want to see you – you who deceived your Master and betrayed your predecessors, a beast devoid  of conscience? Say, using Temple Destruction, struggling on at death’s door to return to the Tian Yi Men, what exactly do you want to do?”
    Hearing that, Liu Se madly rushes towards Leng Qingwan, “Slut! Slut!! You were clearly the one who framed me back then, you clearly coerced me to do those things, making Master loathe me, having me driven out of the Xiuxian Continent, making me transform into this appearance that is neither person nor ghost… slut, I want to kill you, aaarrgh!”
    But unfortunately, with that hysterical look, not a single person cares about her.
    Looking at her, everyone’s eyes seem as if they’re watching a pitiful jumping clown who’s about to die.
    Using a secret skill, Leng Qingwan’s faint voice is transmitted into her ears, carrying endless ridicule.
    “Senior sister Liu, I am now the young Mistress of Tian Yi Men, the future Sect Master. Think, these lies of yours, would anyone believe them? I truly didn’t expect that the graceful and momentous Senior sister Liu from back then, would actually turn into this nauseatingly ugly image today.”
    The edges of Liu Se’s eyes are stretched to splitting point as she glares at the other, hating that she couldn’t tear Leng Qingwan apart.
    But in the end, she merely crumbles to the ground, desperation and resentment bubbling up in her heart.
    Just then, however, she seems to remember something. She shouts: “Leng Qingwan, I don’t want to talk nonsense with you. I want to see Master. I have a vital intelligence that I want to report to Master!”
    “Once Master knows of this information, Master will surely use the Tian Yi Men’s secret method to save me!”
    “Heh.. you’ve been banished to the lower world, what important information could you possibly possess?” the maid next to Leng Qingwan says with a mocking smile, “I advise you to cease your wishful thinking, be good and wait for your soul to dissipate.”
    “Young Mistress, don’t get involved with this kind of trash. Let’s go back!” another maid respectfully says to Leng Qingwan, “Seeing her face for a minute longer, this servant might lose her appetite. Not to dirty young Mistress’ eyes…”
    Leng Qingwan profoundly stares at Liu Se’s miserable appearance.

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