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Chapter 526: Sneak Attack
    The Magistrate stares blankly at first, then he abruptly clenches his teeth.
    He doesn’t say anything in response, but he turns towards the exit of the Great Hall and walks.
    Everyone holds their breath as they watch Magistrate Liu walk into the thick fog. Those wispy strands of the black mist slowly wrap around him, until the whole person is engulfed.
    The timid Dr. Wang could only gulp down his saliva.
    Fearing that in the next moment, they’ll hear the Magistrate’s screams.
    But a tea time has passed, and everything seems normal.
    After a quarter of an hour, there’s still no blood-curdling screech.
    Soon after, they see Magistrate Liu walk swaggering in from the outside.
    Not only is there an absence of fear on his face, it’s brimming with excitement instead.
    He goes into the Hall and rushes over to Muyan, shouting: “Shenshu-daren, this Elixir must be placed in our Ghost City and consigned for sale! I’ll only take half, no, no, no, I won’t take even a penny…”
    A corner of Muyan’s mouth twitches.
    This old fellow, really, even at a time like this, he still hasn’t forgotten about the Ghost City’s business.
    He must have a few loose screws in his brain, or he’s just thick-skinned.
    But at this time, there’s a sudden and unexpected movement.
    As the Magistrate is about to rush before Muyan and hug her thigh-
    A shadow suddenly leaps forward and up, covered in a powerful killing intent, and goes straight towards Magistrate Liu.
    It’s the Ghost Slave!!
    “Look out–!”
    “Despicable, shameless wretch, you actually went with a sneak attack!!”
    All the doctors shout out in fear and alarm.
    Dr. Song prepares himself to dash over and help the Magistrate.
    But it’s all too late, there’s not enough time.
    However, it might be fortunate that Dr. Song has yet to go over, otherwise, the Ghost Slave would only eliminate him along with Magistrate Liu.
    Since at this moment, they come to realize-
    This hideous and unremarkable Ghost Slave unexpectedly possess the formidable cultivation of high Precelestial.
    At the side, Shi Lanling slowly curls up her mouth, revealing a sinister smile.
    As long as the Magistrate is dead, it wouldn’t matter how he died.
    Jun Muyan’s Elixir couldn’t be declared capable of solving the Poison Smog.
    Neither could Jun Muyan be declared better than her.
    Therefore, she will not lose this challenge!
    In the end, the Ghost Slave’s palm strike, thousands of catties heavy, still falls on Magistrate Liu.
    The Magistrate as a whole is like a kite with its string snapped off, soaring backwards, and heavily slamming down on a table.
    The hard, red-wood table and chairs are smashed into tofu-like chunks.
    If even the furniture has suffered such an impact, what more would it be for Magistrate Liu?
    The doctors’ complexions instantly turn dark and gloomy, they couldn’t bear to go and check up on the Magistrate’s miserable state.
    Shi Lanling lets out a low laugh.
    Soon after, the laughter becomes louder and more piercing, “Jun Muyan, Magistrate Liu is dead, proving that your Pill cannot counter the Poison Smog, you still lose!”
    “Brazen, repulsive whore!!” the irascible Dr. Du couldn’t bear it any longer, he screams abuse towards Shi Lanling, “Don’t push too far! You people obviously killed him, what does it have to do with Dr. Jun’s Pill?”
    “Too shameless! I never thought Shi Lanling would actually be this thick-faced and disgraceful!”
    Several elderly doctors have their chests heaving up and down due to anger, itching to pounce over and tear Shi Lanling to pieces.
    They’ve never before seen someone who could be shameless to this extent.
    But Shi Lanling just laughs heartily, her bright red lips are spread wide, absolutely unrestrained, “He’s already dead, who can prove how he died? If you’re not convinced, then you could all examine whether or not there’s Poison Smog on his body. As long you find traces of it in his body, the Poison Smog is his cause of death. Hahaha…”

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