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Chapter: 525: Well done

However, she’s halted by Muyan: “Ghost King Liu, the Magistrate’s life will influence victory and defeat in this competition between me and Shi-xianzi! If you accidentally kill him, I could only lose unjustly.”

Liu Se viciously glares at her, her rough voice trembling with a trace of disbelief, “You cured him… you removed the Poison Smog, how… how is this possible?!”

Nobody understands it better than Liu Se.

Mixed within the Poison Smog is the poisonous smoke created from burning the [Seven Star Grass].

Moreover, this Seven Star Grass could only be found in the Xiuzhen and Xiuxian Continents.

Not only does Yanwu Continent not have it, it also doesn’t have any kind of drug with medical properties that could counter the Seven Star Grass.

That’s because only Spiritual Medicine that contains Spiritual Power is able to have an effect on the Seven Star Grass.

Jun Muyan, this mortal of the Yanwu Continent, how could an Elixir that she refined possibly counter the Seven Star Grass?!

Unless… unless…

“Cough, cough, cough…” violent hacking comes out of Magistrate Liu’s mouth.

He slowly opens his eyes, then he looks around. There’s a confused look on his face, “What… what’s going on?”

An image suddenly flashes through his mind, and his pupils immediately contract, “I… I’m not dead from the Poison Smog?”

Muyan pats his shoulder and stands up, “Don’t worry, you won’t die for the time being. The Poison Smog inside your body is already gone.”

The Magistrate’s expression becomes even more perplexed.

He stands up, moves his hands and feet, touches his face, and operates his Internal Force.

Then he says in astonishment: “I… I’m really still alive! And the Poison Smog inside my body is all gone, this… how this could this be? Shenshu-daren, did you save me?”

Muyan doesn’t give him an explanation, opting instead to look at Shi Lanling with a mockery of a smile, “Shi-xianzi, now, do you still think that your Elixir is more valuable than mine?”


All at once, everyone comes back to their senses, each and every one of them gasping in a mouthful of cold air, looking dumbstruck.

Among them, the Ghost Envoys in particular are alarmed and terrified, having a hard time believing it.

The Poison Smog of the Ghost Wind Valley has existed for hundreds of years, and there’s never been anyone who could solve it.

Therefore, even if it’s a peak Precelestial expert that enters the Ghost Wind Valley, they will only be doomed for slaughter by the people of the Ghost City.

But today, someone has actually found a solution for the Poison Smog.

Moreover, it was done by a girl who’s yet to be twenty years old.

How could they accept this?

“Haha… well done! Truly well done! Little girl, I didn’t misjudge you indeed!”

Dr. Song energetically pats Muyan’s shoulder, looking completely gratified, “I didn’t think that you would actually be able to refine the antidote for the Poison Smog. This Pill is really a hundred times more valuable than any other Elixir. Hahaha…”

Dr. Du sneers as he looks at Shi Lanling, “Shi-xianzi, just now, who was it that said the one who loses should obediently fulfill the terms of the wager? Now that you’ve lost, shouldn’t it be your turn to comply with the gambling agreement and have your meridians destroyed?”

“Hahaha, that’s right, Shi-xianzi, you yourself have been pushing for this gamble. It shouldn’t be that since it’s your loss now, you want to act as if it never happened?”

Shi Lanling’s eyes have widened into spheres, like they’re about to pop out, “Jun Muyan merely roused the injured Magistrate Liu, how could you all say that she’s able to solve the Poison Smog?! If you just take out a healing Elixir, and compare it to my fourth level Vein Shield Dan, that’s an enormous farce!”

Muyan chuckles, “Since you’re still unwilling to give up, then Magistrate Liu, would you please go outside and wade through Poison Smog, then come back once again?”

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