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Chapter 515: Subordinate offending the Superior

In a blink, the Ghost Envoys who were still rushing over like fiends, each and every one of them clutches their burnt and injured hand, crying out in pain.

A short period of time later, the Chi Gu that made everyone panic earlier, all of them are turned into fine powder.

The whole audience falls in a deathly stillness, all of their gazes gathering on Muyan.

The doctors are shocked, then ecstatic.

The Ghost Envoys are fearful, dumbstruck.

And Shi Lanling and Liu Se, they are thoroughly and totally incredulous.

Especially Liu Se.

At this time, her terrible face is entirely warped and scrunched.

Her pair of turbid eyes appear like they’re going to fall out of their sockets.

“My Chi Gu… Jun Muyan, you slut, you killed my Xuan Ji, now you even killed off my Chi Gu…”

“Good, good! Since they cannot make you take the Chi Gu, then I have to personally feed you!!”

As soon as her voice falls, Liu Se opens her mouth.

The next moment, an ugly dark red bug, several times bigger than the other Chi Gu, crawls out of her mouth.

Liu Se snatches that bug, her figure suddenly turning into an afterimage as she goes towards Muyan.

This time, the color of Muyan’s face becomes extremely heavy.

Holding up the the Tian Mo Qin in her hand, five fingers immediately play on the strings.

The notes of zither abruptly build up, like a hurricane, an engulfing sea wave, surging up to the skies.

Liu Se is about to reach Muyan, but her body unexpectedly collides against an invisible wall.

The whole person is pushed away.

The new Shen Musician level two skill–[Divine Hands that Weave the Heavens].

The zither sound manipulates the Field Energy in the atmosphere, forming a protective barrier in a short amount of time.

Using up all the Internal Force and Spiritual Power in her body, it has a duration of three breaths.

That sound barrier pushes Liu Se backwards by three steps, and only then could she steady her stance.

She snaps her eyes to Muyan, her gaze filled with bewilderment.

Jun Muyan is a musician? Would a Yanwu Continent musician really be capable of making such a powerful sound barrier?

Liu Se’s eyes keeps on flickering with an ominous light.

She prepares to attack again, when a voice suddenly comes through, from outside the door of the Great Hall.

“Ghost King Liu Se, what do you think you’re doing to the Dark Lord’s intended?”

Before the voice could subside, Han Ye’s figure emerges from the dense black fog.

The Poison Smog coils around his body, but it looks like it doesn’t affect him in the slightest.

Han Ye goes straight to Muyan’s side. Humbly bowing towards her, “Miss Jun, Di Jun said that he has some business that he must attend to. In the meantime, this subordinate has been assigned to protect you.”

Muyan sees that Han Ye is unharmed and in good condition. Hearing his words, her heart immediately relaxes.

Sure enough, Di Ming Jue’s group is safe and sound.

Han Ye turns towards Liu Se, his eyes harsh and cold, “Ghost King Liu Se, you’re a subordinate offending her superior, what punishment do you think you deserve?”

Liu Se narrows her eyes, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Shi Lanling immediately sneers and says: “The Ghost City only had a Dark Lord when it was founded a thousand years ago, and the Dark Lord hasn’t appeared since then. You go as far as to say that this woman is the Dark Lord’s intended, that could make a person’s teeth fall off from laughing!”

“Hah–!” Han Ye snorts.

He suddenly takes out a black token from his chest pocket.

The token appears very ordinary, there’s no blinding rays of light, neither does it have Internal Force around it.

But the moment that token appears, the surrounding Ghost Envoys seem to fall under a spell.

Simultaneously kneeling down without their own volition, they shout out, “All hail the Dark Lord!”

Even Shi Lanling and Liu Se seem to completely lose control as well, sinking down to their knees.

But before Liu Se’s knees could touch the ground, she suddenly comes to her senses.

Her eyes rigidly stare at that token, looking ominous yet astonished, “The Dark Lord’s token, it really is the Dark Lord’s token!”

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