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Chapter 516: Wager

“How is this possible?! Hasn’t Dark Lord’s token disappeared for more than a thousand years?”

Han Ye says: “Now, do you still have any further doubts about the Dark Lord’s existence?”

Liu Se’s complexion bursts into green and white, her eyes fill up with restraining fear, and she couldn’t come up with a single word to say.

Han Ye puts the token away, instantly restoring the freedom of movement to those kneeling Ghost Envoys and Shi Lanling.

Then Shi Lanling’s eyes suddenly light up, her face is filled with adoration and infatuation, “So it turns out that Di Jun is the founder of Ghost City, the Dark Lord!”

It’s no wonder the man is that handsome and powerful.

Making her so deeply infatuated at practically the first sight.

But unfortunately, such a great man has actually taken a fancy to Jun Muyan, this slut who had already lost her innocence.

On the contrary, he spurned and humiliated Shi Lanling in every possible way!

No! No! The Dark Lord didn’t reject her, it was merely because there’s Jun Muyan creating an obstruction from within, that’s why the Dark Lord had misunderstood her.

That’s right, it’s precisely so!

As long as… as long as she eliminates Jun Muyan, as long as she lets the Dark Lord see Jun Muyan as a fickle woman, her ugly and filthy nature-

She believes that the Dark Lord will surely come around and be fond of her.

Shi Lanling stifles her excitement and stands up, she suddenly speaks in a loud voice: “Even if you’ve proven the existence of the Dark Lord, you still cannot certify that this woman is the Dark Lord’s intended!”

“Furthermore, Jun Muyan, you yourself had just agreed to have an alchemy competition against me. Could it be that you want to back out now?”

At first, Muyan was still steeping on the issue that Di Ming Jue is actually the Ghost City’s “Dark Lord”, so she’s not paying attention.

Now hearing Shi Lanling’s words, she couldn’t help but quirk her lips up, “Yes, I’ve agreed to have an alchemy competition against you. If I win, I’ll be allowed to treat the Ghost Lord’s illness, isn’t that right!”

She is answering Shi Lanling’s words, but she’s looking at Ghost King Liu Se.

Liu Se nods, “Yes, as long as you beat Shi-xianzi in alchemy, it would prove that you have the ability to treat the Ghost Lord. I’ll naturally let you go in and minister to the Ghost Lord.”

“If Miss Jun couldn’t refine a Pill, or couldn’t win against Shi-xianzi in alchemy, then it proves that you simply cannot cure the Ghost Lord. Even if you’re the Dark Lord’s wife, haha… that still wouldn’t qualify you to go in and treat the Ghost Lord’s illness.”

Muyan nods, “Good, then let’s start right away.”

Shi Lanling glares at her, lightly asking, “You really refuse to take the Chi Gu, yet you’re going to compete against me in alchemy?”

“But this way, wouldn’t it be too dull? Why don’t we make a bet! I wonder if you’d dare, Jun Muyan!”

Muyan raises her brows, “Oh? What kind of bet?”

Shi Lanling laughs lowly.

But this smiling expression is without the slightest bit of elegance and purity. On the contrary, it’s brimming with cold bitterness and savagery, “If you lose, then your cultivation will be abolished, you will be married to that slave next to Ghost King Liu, and you will serve the Ghost City forever. What say you?”

Saying that, she points a finger to someone behind Liu Se.

She’s referring to a man standing behind the Ghost King.

He also has the Ghost City’s symbol embroidered on his clothes, but he’s different from the other Ghost Envoys.

He’s not a Ghost Envoy, but a mere Ghost Slave deployed by Liu Se.

And so, almost everyone in the room pays more attention to him.

That’s because the appearance of this slave is extremely ugly, he could even be compared to Liu Se.

Hearing what Shi Lanling said, that Ghost Slave immediately splits his lips open, revealing a mouthful of yellow teeth. His smile is very wretched and depraved, “Many thanks to Shi-xianzi, if this slave could really marry Enchantress of Medicine, I’ll surely make her properly serve the Ghost City and the Ghost King!”

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