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Chapter 508: Failure

“Except for within this Great Hall, there’s not a single living thing in the entire Ghost Wind Valley.”

“As for you all, once you take a single step outside the Great Hall, you will become exactly like him.”

It is indeed the Poison Smog!

Muyan’s complexion becomes increasingly heavy, she could hear her pounding heartbeat.

She knows perfectly well that Di Ming Jue and his group shouldn’t have any issues, but she still couldn’t stop worrying.

She has already given the three of them the Elixirs to counter the Poison Smog, so they shouldn’t be impaired by it, right?

At this time, Liu Se is condescendingly looking around, sneering: “Now then, anyone else wants to leave?”

Everyone is as silent as a grave.

“Haha, wouldn’t it better if you were all this obedient earlier!”

Liu Se claps her hands, “Since there’s no further objections, let’s start the match now!”

That said, she casually points with a finger, “Starting from you!”

She’s actually pointing at Dr. Chen, who had just successfully concocted a Pill just a moment ago.

What he had just refined is a level one, low-ranked [Qi Nurturing Pill].

Shi Lanling takes the Pill that he refined. Disdain on her face, “If you want to compete against me, you have to at least refine a level two Pill. Otherwise, this wouldn’t be worth my undertaking.”

“Hear that?” Liu Se looks at Dr. Chen, “Concoct a Pill that’s at the second level or higher.”

“No! No… this is my first time performing alchemy… it’s simply impossible for me to refine a level two Elixir…”

Before he could finish speaking, a Ghost Envoy lifts him up by the neck.

“If you don’t want to concoct Pills, then just get thrown out of the Great Hall.”

What’s outside the Great Hall?

It’s the Poison Smog that can instantly turn a person into a corpse.

“I’ll do alchemy! I’ll perform alchemy right now!” Dr. Chen has tears and mucus flowing profusely as he weeps, he scrambles frantically to go before the Dan Furnace and start concocting Pills.

An hour later, Dr. Chen has almost exhausted all the Internal Force of his body.

Muyan also sees that the Chi Gu has sucked a his heart’s blood little by little.

The whole person is losing mass at a rate that is clearly observable with the naked eye.

But after an hour, there’s a loud bang.

The Dan Furnace explodes, and the alchemy is a failure.

This is just as expected!

Even with the assistance of the Chi Gu, Dr. Chen is a first-timer in alchemy after all, there’s no way he could just easily refine a level two Elixir.

Dr. Chen vacantly looks at the exploded Dan Furnace.

Then he turns to stare at Liu Se in horror, shaking like a sieve from head to foot.

The corners of Liu Se’s mouth slowly go up, revealing a row of ghastly white teeth. Her smile is really indescribably cheerful, “Dr. Chen has failed to concoct a Pill, that is just a useless waste. As a result, you will now turn into food for my adorable Chi Gu!”

“Spare… spare me… ah–!!”

A sad, shrill scream comes out of Dr. Chen’s mouth for a little while, then it abruptly stops.

The whole person is straight and stiff as he falls down to the floor.

The wizened body shrivels up at a speed visible to the naked eye.

His eye socket has become sunken, only a layer of skin wraps around his skeleton, overall resembling a dried corpse.

Then, at the location of his heart, the little black bug has grown several times larger. It eats its way out of his flesh and clothes.

It opens its wings and flies to Liu Se’s hand, then it burrows into her body.

The place where Dr. Chen’s heart should be is already hollow and empty.

Everyone present once again falls into a deathly silence.

Looking at this scene, even the Ghost Envoys of Ghost City, as well as Magistrate Liu, all of them have unsightly complexions, their faces betray their unease.

All the invited doctors are even more fearful, their faces an unnatural color as they tremble harder.

“Well, this is one is already useless. Next, who’s turn shall it be?”

Liu Se’s cold and gloomy eyes sweep through, all the doctors fearfully retreat, avoiding her gaze.

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