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Chapter 507: To die

It was only at this moment that everyone wakes up from their burning desire towards the secret skill of alchemy.

They remember just what a terrible thing a Gu bug is.

In an instant, all of them recoil their hands, keeping away from that small goblet like one would avoid snakes and scorpions.

The happy expression on Dr. Chen’s face drains away, returning back to terror.

Shi Lanling grinds her teeth and ferociously glares at Muyan, “Slut, you’re meddling in other people’s business!”

But Muyan feels disinclined to care about Shi Lanling, so she merely fixes her attention towards Liu Se.

Liu Se doesn’t show the slightest inclination to refute it, openly laughing. The way she looks at all of them is like one who’s looking at insects that she could trample and kill at any time.

“If you fail, of course it would only be a dead end.”

“These Chi Gu, I’ve spent a lot of time preparing them for you all, I’ve only finished the preparation this evening. How could it be put to waste?”

“Anyone who loses to Shi-xianzi will have their meat and blood turn into food for the Chi Gu. It is your honor that you can help Ben Wang with the advancement of these adorable Chi Gu.”

Liu Se’s malicious gaze turns to Muyan, and with her rough and cackling voice: “I wonder if the Enchantress is satisfied with this explanation? Looking at the appearance of your soft skin and tender flesh, my Chi Gu would surely love it.”

“No… I don’t want to take the Gu bug, I don’t want to be eaten by it!” someone finally couldn’t help but let out a screech of alarm, “Let me go, I don’t want to treat the Ghost Lord, nor do I want the secret skill of alchemy, hurry and let me leave!”

Saying that, he rushes like mad to go outside the hall.

As soon as he gets to the doorway however, he’s blocked by a Ghost Envoy.

“What do you people think you’re doing? Do you want to force me into taking the Gu? I’m telling you, I’m a senior doctor, there are many Practitioners out there who would throw their lives for me, if you people dare to lay a hand on me, I swear I’ll raze your Ghost City to the ground!”

Liu Se lets out a low sigh, “You would really go against us?”

“Of… of course I would!”

A strange smiling expression appears on Liu Se’s ugly face, “Well then, let him leave. Our Ghost City will not force anyone.”

Hearing Liu Se’s words, the Ghost Envoy guarding the door immediately withdraws to the side.

After the initial panic, that doctor thinks that Liu Se is scared of him. He immediately shows a smug expression, and struts out.

As he departs, he still leaves behind some haughty words, “Liu Se, Shi Lanling, just you wait! I will absolutely not let this matter slide!”

Everyone watches as he leaves the hall, and that he’s really safe and unharmed.

The desire to follow his example floats and drifts in the minds of quite a few doctors.

It’s at this moment that there’s a sudden and abrupt change.

They watch, just as that doctor has taken ten steps away from the hall, he suddenly clutches his own throat.

His body sways unsteadily.

And from within his throat, bursts of disjointed gurgling sounds come out.

Immediately after that, he turns around while wobbling and teetering.

In the night, the lights outside the hall dimly shine upon his face.

Just then, the crowd screams in terror.

They see on his face, black-colored pits appear.

It looks as something is rotting and spoiling it.

Not only that, a thick and smelly dark-brown liquid keeps on flowing out of his gaping mouth.

In but the short span of an instant, the senior doctor who was refined and spry just now, has become even more terrifying than Liu Se.

Breathing his last!

The entire Great Hall descends into deathly stillness.

The next moment, someone shakily asks: “What… what is the meaning of this?”

With her twig-like finger, Liu Se gently tidies her own hair, unhurriedly saying: “Oh, I forgot to tell you. The Poison Smog of the Ghost Wind Valley is completely released. The inner and outer halls are already brimming with it.”

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