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Chapter 500: Extinguish
    A wide palm cups the back of her head, forcing her closer, preventing her from running away.
    But the movements are so gentle, so careful, like cherishing a treasure.
    Muyan sinks a little bit deeper, unable to free herself.
    A long while later, their lips part. Muyan’s lips are slightly red and swollen, all the more alluring.
    A sticky silver trail connects the ends of their lips, and the pulsating and ambiguous atmosphere inside the room seems to be set on fire.
    “Little to no conscience!” Di Ming Jue’s voice is husky and scandalous.
    Wide palms capture her small hand, slowly bringing it lower, and finally pressing it to a hard and hot location.
    Muyan starts, almost jumping straight up. She wants to struggle out of the man’s hand, but she’s restrained and couldn’t move.
    As a result, she becomes increasingly aware of the man’s desire, directly feeling the anticipation of drawn swords and bent bows.
    “Woman without conscience, if I really just want your body, why would I have to restrain myself this hard?”
    Muyan’s face is so red now, it’s almost dripping.
    But it seems as if a fire is reignited in her heart, thawing little by little the ice that had just formed there.
    “Let… let go!”
    But Di Ming Jue presses her hand more firmly, his voice is like a hoarse murmur that carries wisps of begging, “Muyan, before you are completely willing, Ben Jun will not touch you. However, you are responsible for extinguishing the fire you ignite.”
    Two hours later, Di Ming Jue has the deeply sleeping girl within his embrace. He bows his head to lightly place a kiss on her forehead.
    Only then does he get up and go outside the room, lightly tapping the edge of a table.
    “Jun Shang!” Han Ye and Ying Mei quickly come over from the room next door, and kneel before him.
   Di Ming Jue looks incomparably cold and detached in the darkness, “Shi Lanling has a [Gold Silkworm Gu] inside her body.”
    “Gold Silkworm Gu?!” Han Ye and Ying Mei snap their heads up, looking shocked, “Isn’t that-, isn’t that the Poison Gu that only the sect members of Tian Yi Men could use?”
    Ying Mei frowns deeply, “Jun Shang, are you saying that there’s a person from Tian Yi Men in this Ghost Wind Valley? Why would someone from the Tian Yi Men come to the Yanwu Continent?”
    “Don’t… don’t tell me…” Han Ye clenches his teeth and speaks out, “Don’t tell me that someone from the Tian Yi Men has determined that the Shen Musician is in the Yanwu Continent? Even…”
    Someone might even be aware of Miss Jun’s identity as the Shen Musician heir.
    At that time, when Muyan triggered the Shen Musician inheritance, it alerted the Xiuxian Continent but Jun Shang went and covered it up.
    When Muyan reconstructed her Moon Spiritual Root however, the Spirit Clock in the Shen Musician ruins tolled by itself, without the help of any wind. In the end, it still attracted heavy attention from the Tian Yi Men, and all the sects on the Xiuxian Continent.
    No one knows more clearly than Di Ming Jue, how those old bastards on the Xiuxian Continent loathe the Sect of the Shen Musicians, the extent of their jealousy, and the depth of their… fear.
    Muyan is still so small and weak right now, but if those people were to know of her existence…
    Even Di Ming Jue might not be able to save her.
    The hand hanging on Di Ming Jue’s side slowly clenches tight, then loosens, “Once we go out of the Ghost Wind Valley, I will go back to the Xiuxian Continent.”
    “Jun Shang!” Han Ye anxiously says, “Your real body is currently staying on the Yanwu Continent. You won’t even have a tenth of your strength when you return to the Xiuxian Continent, if you go and handle the affairs related to the Shen Musicians, it would be too dangerous, why not…”
    “There’s no room for further discussion.” Di Ming Jue’’s gaze sweeps over to the inner room, the light in his eyes becoming gentle beyond words, “In any case, I will never allow anyone to harm Muyan.”
    “Ying Mei will come back to the Xiuxian Continent with me. Han Ye will stay here and protect Muyan and Xiao Bao.”

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