EMHS – CH499

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Chapter 499: You’re angry
    But she never thought that there will come a day, when she would be the one that everyone condemns.
    “Aaaargh–!!” with Shi Lanling covering her face, an insane screech madly rushes out, and gradually fades into the distance.
    After today, the Shi-xianzi that everyone had chased after is now completely pulled down from the altar.
    Everyone leaves laughing.
    The door slowly shuts, and the candle inside the room goes out, sinking it into an endless darkness and quiet.
    Muyan’s figure slowly withdraws from the space, and she quietly goes to the open window.
    Just as she’s about to jump out of the window and leave, a scorching breath suddenly wraps around her.
    An iron-like arm is placed across her waist, securely confining her.
    A man’s deep, low voice enters her ears, “Now that Muyan is here, how could you be so eager to leave so quickly?”
    Muyan’s breathing stutters, but her expression very quickly comes back to normal. She unhurriedly turns her body around.
    “When did Jun Shang discover that I’m here?”
    Di Ming Jue furrows his brows, displeasure evident in his eyes, “I told you to call me by name.”
    Muyan doesn’t want to fight him about this topic, so she readily follows the advice and calls out, “Di Ming Jue.”
    “Your breath was very well-hidden, I didn’t notice it at first. It wasn’t until Shi Lanling undressed that I sensed the the fluctuations from your breath.”
    Di Ming Jue gently strokes her hair, but Muyan moves her head to the side to avoid it.
    “This is a Pill that I refined, it could suppress the miasma of the Ghost Wind Valley.”
    Muyan doesn’t bother about Di Ming Jue’s surprised expression, as she spreads her hand out, three Elixirs appearing on the hollow of her palm, “I’ve come to give Pills to you, Ying Mei, and Han Ye, but then I thought that maybe you guys don’t need it at all.”
    “No, Ben Jun needs it.” Di Ming Jue’s countenance is tinged with indescribable gentleness, “As long as it’s something from Muyan, Ben Jun needs it.”
    Saying that, he goes directly to Muyan’s hand and swallows the Pill into his belly.
    The man’s warm lips touches the hollow of Muyan’s palm, and her heart couldn’t help but jump.
    She quickly takes her hand back, and places the other two Pills on the table, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll go back first.”
    After saying that, she pries Di Ming Jue’s arms to open, turning to leave.
    She has barely taken a step away from him, when Di Ming Jue suddenly pulls her back.
    “Muyan, you’re angry?” the man’s low voice sounds in her ears.
    Muyan starts, but soon shows a smile that isn’t a smile, “Why would I be angry?”
    “Or should I say, are you eating vinegar?”
    “Eat your big-head damn vinegar!” Muyan finally snaps angrily.
    A foot resolutely goes to kick the man, while her body thrashes like fish to struggle out of his embrace, and rapidly bounds to the door.
    As she’s about to go past the doorway,
    The door suddenly slams shut before her eyes.
    Following that, she is pressed against the closed door by a tall, warm body.
    Di Ming Jue’s handsome face is too close.
    A blazing flame seems to burn within his ice-blue irises, wanting to engulf her until there’s nothing left.
    His scorching breath puffs gently against her lips, on her face, making her entire being boil and churn.
    “Di Ming Jue, let go!”
    “No.” Di Min Jue leans down, slowly saying, “Muyan, I said, I’ll never let go of your hand in this lifetime.”
    Muyan sneers: “Because my body is useful? What Precelestial Saint Physique, it could make you rapidly…”
    Before she could finish her words, Di Ming Jue’s lips press down, completely swallowing up her voice.
    The man’s kiss is passionate and overbearing, but with indescribable pampering and indulgence towards her.

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