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Chapter 501: The Play Begins

The Xuan Division that is headed by Ying Mei is the sharpest knife in the Polar Domain, a knife that’s hidden in the dark.

Han Ye and Ying Mei glance at each other, and finally bow: “As you bid, Jun Shang!”


For the next three days, Muyan hides inside the Space to do alchemy and refine medicine.

As well as to avoid seeing Di Ming Jue.

It’s really that night, whenever Muyan thinks back on it, it’s as if her entire being is set on fire.

That shameless lecher, scoundrel!!

Just a few soft words of begging had actually, really made her abandon her principles and resistance.

Though they didn’t go all the way, but…

“Madam Enchantress, don’t you feel like something is very odd?”

Dr. Wang’s inquiry pulls her mind back from that fascinating night.

“We were clearly told that we’ve been requested to come and treat the Ghost Lord, but it’s been three days and we have yet to see the face of the sick Ghost Lord. Up until now, we don’t even know what exactly ills him. Don’t you think this is too weird?”

Since the day Muyan had ruthlessly taught him a lesson, after he was awed by her consummate medical expertise-

Dr. Wang has been respectful and fearful towards Muyan.

He would occasionally brave going to Muyan, and ask her questions about the art of healing.

In the course of time, Dr. Wang is practically prostrating himself in admiration towards Muyan’s knowledge and strength.

These past three days, aside from Muyan, other doctors also eventually sensed that something amiss.

It’s already been three days since they were invited to come, and in this three days, the Ghost Wind Valley has been serving to make them comfortable, they can’t point out any faults.

But the problem is: they didn’t come here for pleasure, they’re here to treat an illness!

Just as that was pointed out, a group of Ghost Envoys dressed in the Ghost Wind Valley’s uniform suddenly walks inside in a line.

In a blink, Muyan and Dr. Wang find themselves in the middle of an encirclement.

The leading Ghost Envoy arrogantly looks down on the pair, looking haughty and pitying, “Dr. Jun, Dr. Wang, the Ghost King requests your presence!”

“You’re making us go now?” Dr. Wang shows a flabbergasted expression, “Don’t tell me you’re making us go to treat the Ghost Lord?”

The head Ghost Envoy has his mouth split open to reveal a malicious smile, “Precisely, so if you please, doctors.”

“But the sky is dark now, we’re preparing to retire for the evening.” Dr. Wang quickly says to refute, “For doctors, the most important thing in treating an illness and refining medicine is our concentration and presence of mind. If we go there now, we couldn’t do a proper examination and treatment.”

“Hehe, that isn’t up to you!” the Ghost Envoy derisively snorts, then his gaze becomes more and more chilling, “Haven’t you two heard the saying? If the Ghost King wants you do die on the third watch, you will not survive the fifth watch*. Since our Ghost King-daren is allowing you to treat the patient’s illness now, you have to go there now. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being impolite!”

night watch period. ‘If she wants you to die on midnight, you won’t be alive come 3am.’

As soon as his voice falls, the dozen or so Ghost Envoys unsheathe their weapons, the cold gleams flickering at the tip of their blades, along with the chilling and gloomy atmosphere within the room becoming heavier, close in on Dr. Wang and Muyan little by little.

Dr. Wang is frightened, and he falls from his place, falling on his butt to sit on the floor.

Nevertheless, Muyan has an almost imperceptible quirk at the corners of her mouth.

That Ghost Envoy looks at Muyan and sneers: “Madam Enchantress, I know that several of your subordinates are quite difficult to deal with, but the gate of the Inner chambers is already close at the moment. They wouldn’t be able to come in even if they want to. You should put your ideas to rest!”

Muyan brushes the hems of her coat, and unhurriedly stands up. Her expression is incredibly light and carefree, “After so many days of waiting, the play has finally begun. I’ve already been itching to get on with it, wanting to take a look at the Ghost Lord’s illness. We’ll be troubling you to to lead the way!”


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