EMHS – CH498

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Chapter 498: Kicked out naked
    Shi Lanling’s heart burns hotter.
    Slowly, with an eager posture, she raises a hand and places it on her chest.
    She pulls the clothes off a little.
    Just until an alluring, snow-white bare flesh is revealed under the flickering candle light.
    “Di Jun, Lanling is ready for your picking now, doesn’t Di Jun want this?”
    She says the clingiest and most childish words in her softest and most gratifying voice, and she walks over towards Di Ming Jue.
    The man looks at her body without even the smallest fluctuation of emotion in his eyes.
    It’s like he’s looking at a dead thing, a pile of trash.
    Shi Lanling’s heart sinks down, then she tries tries harder to twist her body to move more invitingly, shedding off the small remainder of what she’s wearing.
    “Di Jun, allow Lanling to serve you!”
    In the darkness, Muyan’s expression turns a little bit colder.
    Her heart, which had already opened a little bit because of Di Ming Jue’s protection and company, shutters close once again at this moment.
    Like a thick layer of ice solidifying around it, it won’t open to anyone anymore.
    Only the strands and twists of pain, like knife wounds in her heart, are left as a reminder to her.
    Her core was so close to being moved by this man, almost moved to feel-
    Calm washes over Muyan’s mind.
    She ponders how she should quietly get away when, in a moment from now, the two would fall into passion.
    Just at this time however, she hears the sound of a loud crash.
    Muyan starts. Looking out through the small gap of the screen, she sees that of the two people that should’ve been intimately entangled by now-
    Only Di Ming Jue alone remains standing inside the room at this moment.
    And Shi Lanling is bodily flying out, breaking through the door, and heavily landing outside the room.
    The loud noise wakes up the guards and guests of the outer chambers.
    Everyone comes over by following the sounds, only to see Shi Lanling lying naked on the grass, without a stitch of clothing on her body, and befuddlement and incredulity on her face.
    “What’s going on?”
    “Ah–! T-th-this… isn’t this Shi-xianzi?”
    “Oh my, why is Shi-xianzi not wearing any clothes? And just now, I think she just flew out of that room, didn’t she?”
    Along with all sorts of voices entering her ears, there are eyes falling on her naked body – some of which express excitement, perhaps disgust, and possibly schadenfreude.
    Everything, all of it – they’re all making her brain roar inside, she couldn’t think.
    Why did things turn this way?
    Wasn’t she just offering herself to Di Ming Jue?
    Wasn’t she about to succeed in seducing this man?
    How did she fall from heaven to hell in just the blink of an eye?
    “Jun Shang, what happened?” Han Ye and Ying Mei hurriedly rush over, and see Shi Lanling without any clothes and lying down at Di Ming Jue’s doorway. They both show disgusted expressions.
    “Why is it this woman again?” Han Ye unhappily says, “Shi-xianzi, don’t you want to keep some face? My family’s Jun Shang already said that he doesn’t fancy you, and more than that, our Jun Shang already has a lady. You’ve come running over and over again, offering to bed him, your face is rather too thick, isn’t it?”
    “Ah, I didn’t expect that the Shi-xianzi, who is lofty and unsullied like a green lotus on the outside, is actually so licentious in secret.”
    “Tsk, tsk, tsk. Offering herself to sleep with a man, but was kicked out instead. If this matter spreads out, I fear for Shi-xianzi’s reputation later on.”
    “What Shi-xianzi! Pah! Simply just a prostitute without any sense of shame!”
    Shi Lanling used to take advantage of her pure and noble identity to guide public opinion, and destroy many women that she found unpleasant to her eyes.
    She crowned almost every one of them were with the reputation of being shameless, licentious and lowly. Once their reputations were completely destroyed, they no longer had any strength to compete against her afterwards.

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