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Chapter 497: Devotion
    That is to say, Di Jun really doesn’t have his heart set on Jun Muyan.
    He just wants to use her, that’s all.
    Shi Lanling vigorously presses down the desire that’s rolling over and over in her heart, expressing more and more coquettish glances on her face.
    A few days ago, her skin was still filled with white white patches. 
    Now it has become fair and translucent, like the finest jade.
    But on careful inspection, you would be able to see that the skin is so thin, it seems like it could rupture at any second.
    The brightness and translucence, pureness and clarity – they’re somewhat unnatural.
    “For Di Jun to care about Jun Muyan this much, isn’t because she has the Precelestial Saint Physique, rarely seen in thousands of years?”
    “Be it in Dao Cultivation or Healing, a Yin and Yang Paired-cultivation with this kind of woman would be several times more effective.”
    “Even if Jun Muyan had already lost her innocence, no longer a pure Yin Physique, it’s still a very rare furnace in this world.”
    “Say, Di Jun, did Lanling say it right?”
    Di Ming Jue unhurriedly raises his head, a faint gleam in his eyes, “This is the extent of what you know?”
    Shi Lanling stares blankly, not understanding what Di Ming Jue means by that sentence.
    Soon after, the man’s low and cold voice comes through, “Perhaps, I should ask who imparted those words to you? And who planted the [Gold Silk Gu] into your body?”
    A change comes over Shi Lanling’s complexion, then she presses it down, determinedly saying: “Lanling is unable to make sense of what she heard, what is Di Jun talking about? On behalf of the Ghost City, Lanling hopes to cooperate with Di Jun…”
    Her throat is clutched in a steel-like grasp, tightening up little by little.
    The air in her body is getting squeezed out bit by bit.
    Shi Lanling’s face goes green and purple, panic and dread filling up her eyes, “Di Jun, spare… spare me… it was the Ghost King… it was the Ghost King Liu Se, she made me… made me…”
    He throat is released from the stranglehold, and she gulps in large amounts of the icy air into it.
    Shi Lanling coughs violently.
    At this very moment, besides adoration, there’s a little more fear in her eyes as she looks at  Di Ming Jue.
    Trembling with fear and trepidation, she says: “Di Jun, it was the Ghost King Liu Se who made me come and find you, hoping that the Ghost City could work together with you. So long as you don’t stop or interfere with what’s about to happen next – then later, all of the resources in the Ghost City could be sent to you. Whatever you want to look for in the Yanwu Continent, Ghost City could try to find them for you.”
    “The Ghost King also guarantees, that as long as she sits on the Ghost Lord’s position, she pledges that she would be more deferential to you than Gu Yue. Even…”
    As she’s speaking, Shi Lanling has a faint blush on her face.
    She slowly reaches up, and removes the outer clothing on her body.
    Revealing a snowy jade-like shoulder, half-hiding her soft chest, as well as the graceful body under that thin, meager attire.
    “Even Lanling, if Di Jun wants it, Lanling is willing to present and offer my body to you.”
    “Even though Lanling doesn’t have the Precelestial Saint Physique, it’s also the millennium-rare Sky Yin Female Physique. Moreover, compared to that Jun Muyan, Lanling is still a virgin.”
    “If Di Jun wishes it, Lanling is willing to devote herself to you, even as a slave or a concubine, even as a furnace, as long as it’s for you, Di Jun, Lanling is willing.”
    Saying that, she shyly looks at Di Ming Jue with hope and expectation, her eyes brimming with sincerity and affection.
    The man sitting in front of her is like a god, set up on high, incomparably beautiful.
    Even in the Xiuzhen Continent, such a man is inevitably unsurpassed as well.
    This small, insignificant Yanwu Continent – how could it hold Shi Lanling’s ambition down?
    As long as she can devote herself to this kind of man, be it as a slave or a concubine, even as a furnace – so what?
    She can follow him and leave the Yanwu Continent, be respected and incomparable from then on.
    That could only be the life that belongs to her, Shi Lanling.
   Regarding her actions, she sees that the man doesn’t get angry, nor does he have any objections.

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