EMHS – ch478

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Chapter 478: Foolish is he who refuses
    The meat that it had in its mouth is all gone, it’s so laden with grief, it wants the Little Master to lift, hug, and kiss it.
     A faint smile hangs on Xiao Bao’s face as he softly scratches the rabbit’s chin.
    “I’ll take you to the Beast Fighting Colosseum in a moment, then I’ll let you eat as much as  you need this time!”
    The fat rabbit immediately produces cheerful and lively howls.
    “Lit-little Master, this rabbit…” just where did it come from?!
    To actually be able to swallow so many Strange Beasts, even being able to spit them out alive – it’s rather too ridiculous.
    Even in the Xiuxian Continent, they’ve never seen such a fantastic animal!
    No wonder Jun Shang always has a bit of an odd expression in his eyes every time he sees the fat rabbit.
    And every time the fat rabbit runs into Jun Shang, it cowers, covering its head and sneaking away like a rat. It never dares to stay too long in the presence of Jun Shang.
    Does Jun Shang already know of the peculiarity of this rabbit?
    As Han Ye is astonished, a loud explosion suddenly sounds from inside the room.
    Soon after, a Strange Beast that is reeking with a heavy smell of blood leaps out of the door.
    The Beast is bigger than even three Han Yes stacked together.
    As it soars through the air, it’s sharp fangs are already bared.
    Its beastly roars are filled with ruthlessness and savagery.
    The direction in which the beast is falling just happens to be going straight towards Ying Mei.
    “Little Shadow, be careful!”
    Han Ye doesn’t even think, as he throws his whole body over, gathers Ying Mei, and rolls on the spot.
    The beast slams against the spot that the pair have vacated, which is not even half a meter away from them.
    Its bloody maws are spread open like a sacrificial bowl, like it wants swallow Han Ye and Ying Mei together.
    Han Ye doesn’t think. Pouring Spiritual Power into his fists, he ruthlessly sends a punch at the Strange Beast.
    He initially thought that while he’s under the effects of the Spirit Devouring Powder, the beast would just bite his arm off.
    But who would have imagined, as he throws the punch, a burst of wind rushes out with his fist.
    Soon after, they hear the sound of the beast’s entire skeleton shattering into small pieces.
    The Strange Beast tumbles to the floor and dies.
    Han Ye stupidly looks at his own hand, then he takes a look at Ying Mei – who is also in good condition in his arms.
    Afterwards, he incredulously turns towards Xiao Bao: “The Spirit… Spirit Devouring Powder is dispelled?!”
    But the Spirit Devouring Powder is an Elixir from the Xiuxian Continent.
    If it’s refined in the Yanwu Continent, perhaps it  wouldn’t have even a tenth of it’s potency.
    But even if it’s just one tenth, in no way could it be resolved so casually.
    Xiao Bao glances at him in displeasure, “Nianqin’s Pills are all-powerful!”
    Han Ye suddenly recalls the Pills that Xiao Bao had just fed him and Ying Mei.
    Soon after that, he dazedly bows his head and operates the Spiritual Force within his body.
     Sure enough, the Spiritual Power that has originally disappeared seems to be flowing inside in a trickle, slowly thriving at his Dantian.
    He is so alarmed by the changes in his body that he could barely reflect on it.
    “I already knew that Miss Jun is formidable, but I never expected that she could actually… actually be awe-inspiring to this an extent…”
    His and Ying Mei’s physiques are completely different from the people of the Yanwu Continent.
    For them, the precious drugs that are useful the people of the Yanwu Continent are just like useless trash.
    That’s the reason why, the people under Muyan are ecstatic whenever they receive her draughts and Elixirs. 
    But Han Ye had never thought of vying for them.
    How could he possibly care about something that mortals use?
    But as matters stand, Han Ye is just itching to slap himself.
    What ‘thing that mortals use’? What ‘thing that he doesn’t care about’?!
    If he could turn back time, he would definitely kneel before Miss Jun and beg with all his might.
    Such precious Elixirs, you’re a fool if you refuse them!
    Compared to Han Ye, Ying Mei has been exposed to the Spirit Devouring Powder longer, so her Spiritual Power still hasn’t recovered that much.
    However, her confidence and adoration towards Muyan is far purer than that of Han Ye.

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