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Chapter 477: It’s up to you, Bunny
    This little guy’s talent is truly astonishing, already reaching Heaven Stage at his age.
    But in Xuan Ji’s eyes, he’s still just like an insect that could be snuffed anytime he pleases.
    “There’s a road of heaven that you refuse to walk, insisting to come inside the gate-less hell instead.” Xuan Ji closes in on Xiao Bao. His tongue darts out to lick his lips, eyes fill up with perverse malice, “Since you want to court death so much, I will help you with that.”
    “Choose then, do you want to be clobbered by this mace until your whole body is a pulp of meat, or do you want me to slice off the flesh on your body and feed it to the Strange Beasts of the Colosseum?”
    When it was them who suffered through pain and humiliation earlier, Han Ye and Ying Mei didn’t show any panic or fear.
    At this moment however, it changes greatly with their looks of anxiousness, “Xuan Ji, if you dare touch the Little Master, Jun Shang will never let you get away with it!”
    “Jun Shang has recognized the Little Master as his son, and the future ruler of the Polar Domain. If you dare to touch even a hair on him, Jun Shang will absolutely have you die without a burial site.”
    As soon as he hears those words, Xuan Ji couldn’t help but burst out laughing, “The future ruler of the Polar Domain? Han Ye, if you’re spinning a story, can’t you fabricate something more believable?”
    “For a little bastard child of the Yanwu Continent, a mortal, to be the future master of the Polar Domain, did you think I’ll believe such a lie?”
    Xuan Ji’s evil gaze falls on Xiao Bao, and he lets out a cruel snicker, “The more you two protect this little bastard, the more I want to make you watch his head detach from his body, turning into a wretched mud-like appearance. Hahaha…”
    As he speaks, he’s already lifting up the mace in his hand, brandishing it to fall on Xiao Bao’s pink and delicate little face.
    “Little Master–!!” Ying Mei and Han Ye scream at the same time.
    But they watch Xiao Bao calmly and composedly raise his hand, holding the rabbit right in front of him, “Bunny, it’s up to you.”
    The rabbit howls in response.
    The exact same howl as the beast that interrupted Xuan Ji’s good time just a moment ago.
    Xuan Ji’s movements stop, doubt appearing in his eyes. He then sneers at the little animal, “Little bastard, do you think you’re playing house? A rabbit wants to deal with me?”
    Xiao Bao expressionlessly glances at him.
    He clearly has a very small body, but the contempt and disdain on that sidelong glance is making Xuan Ji’s form slightly rigid.
    In confusion, he feels like he’s looking at the aloof, remote, and exceedingly unapproachable Jun Shang from back then.
     “Bunny, open your mouth.”
    Xuan Ji is still dwelling on that frightening and familiar pressure, unable to come back to his senses. All of a sudden, the fat rabbit held up by Xiao Bao slightly, slowly, and lazily opens its mouth.
    A touch of unwillingness and resistance appears in those mung bean eyes.
    Xuan Ji stares blankly, uncomprehending. Why would the rabbit even open its mouth? It can’t possibly deal with him, right?
    The next moment, the roars of countless beasts flood the whole room.
    One… two… three… ten… twenty…
    One after another, countless variants of massive Strange Beasts spurt out from inside the fat rabbit’s mouth.
    Some of them are colliding against Xuan Ji, others just straight up trample him under their feet, there are even those that are tearing mouthfuls of flesh from his body.
    In a split second, the small room is completely packed with a large number of these huge animals.
    Accompanied by Xuan Ji’s shrill wails, the beastly roars rise and fall in succession.
    As for Xiao Bao, as soon as the fat rabbit has finished regurgitating those Strange Beasts, he grabs Ying Mei and Han Ye in each hand, and runs out of the room.
    Then, he lets go of the pair that has become as dumb as wooden chickens.
    Xiao Bao pats the fat rabbit’s head, “Good job.”
    “Awoowoo~~” the fat rabbit produces an aggrieved sound.

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