EMHS – ch479

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Chapter 479: You look really good like this
    That’s why, as soon as she took the Pill, she immediately began to operate her Cultivation Method in silence.
   As expected, her Spiritual is finally starting to come back by threads and strands at this moment.
    Ying Mei thinks of that brief moment humiliation and despair from before, and her mood goes into an unspeakable and almost irrepressible rage.
    She lowers her head to look at Xiao Bao, her eyes filling up with gratitude: “Little Master, thank you. You and the Miss have saved me once again.”
    Xiao Bao shakes his head like a tiny grownup, “Don’t mention it. Big sister Ying Mei is a good person, Xiao Bao doesn’t want you to die.”
    Ying Mei slowly kneels down before Xiao Bao, “From now on, and into the future, Ying Mei has determined to pledge my life, vowing loyalty and devotion, to the Lady and the Little Master. If I do anything to the contrary, may Heavenly Punishment strike me, and take me from the world of the living!”
    As soon as she lowers her voice, a red light flashes through her whole body, bursting out then slowly fading away.
    Han Ye is a bit wide-eyed.
    The oath that Ying Mei had uttered is the Polar Domain’s most stringent [Core Binding Covenant]. Once you speak the vows, you will really have a fate more miserable than death if you go against the covenant.
    Ying Mei, she… similar towards Jun Shang, she really intends to vow loyalty and devotion to Miss Jun and Xiao Bao, pledging her life and looking upon them as her Masters.
    The Lady and the Little Master are indeed worthy of such respect and loyalty.
    Han Ye only hesitates for a moment, before he also slowly kneels down, “I, Han Ye, swear, that from this moment on and into the future, I pledge my life, vowing loyalty and devotion, to the Lady and the Little Master. Should there be any violation to this oath, Heaven and Earth shall not condone!”
    There’s also a flash of red light, which slowly disappears as well.
    Xiao Bao blinks, his grave and stern little face carries a rare bit of bewilderment.
    With the same resolute expression on their faces, the two individuals declared the Heart Binding Covenant, and they raised themselves from the floor.
    Ying Mei’s body sways, and she almost sinks back to her knees.
    “Little Shadow!” Han Ye quickly goes to support her with his hand.
    His hand accidentally touches a soft bulge, and Han Ye almost couldn’t stop himself from jumping where he stands.
    Soon after, his panicked state, as well as the fear and hatred, slowly clears up.
    And the voice that has been hovering inside his brain from earlier now cries louder and stronger, becoming clearer.
    Han Ye’s gaze couldn’t help but turn towards the girl that he’s half-carrying in his arms.
    Heatedly flushed to the point where water almost drips out, “Little Shadow, so, so you’re actually a girl.”
    When he first heard Xiao Bao call Ying Mei ‘big sister’, he just thought that Xiao Bao is too young and got Ying Mei’s sex wrong.
     Now he knows that the true idiot is in fact he himself.
     Han Ye stupidly looks at Ying Mei’s face, there’s practically waves and ripples in his eyes.
    Ying Mei could no longer maintain her cold and detached expression.
    Wisps of red clouds rise up on her cheeks.
    In humiliated rage, she says: “Haven’t you seen enough?!”
    “Not enough!” Han Ye blurts out, “Even a lifetime wouldn’t be enough. Little Shadow, you really look good like this.”
    Even if Ying Mei’s clothes are already replaced with the common men’s clothes.
    Still, there are no bindings wrapping around her chest.
    Neither is her hair tied up.
    As a whole, her pure and splendid beauty couldn’t be concealed at all.
    Han Ye can only feel his heart hammering nonstop.
    These days, every day and every night, he’s been finding it hard to sleep peacefully, thinking that he likes his closest brother in arms.
    He was under the impression that his thoughts were despicable, sullying Ying Mei.
    As it turns out, Ying Mei is actually a girl.
    Realizing this, the joy and sweetness in his heart is incessantly bubbling over like a hot spring.
    Making him reveal a dumb and silly smiling expression.
    Ying Mei is really embarrassed and angry of his attentions, and on top of that, there’re Xiao Bao’s and the fat rabbit’s meaningful glances sent their way.
    In the end, she couldn’t help but punch Han Ye’s belly, saying through clenched teeth: “Shut up. Completely forget what you’ve seen today, even more, you’re not allowed to speak of it, you saw nothing! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being discourteous!”

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