EMHS – ch476

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Chapter 476: Just a small child
    In a moment, Han Ye is entirely drenched in blood, changed beyond recognition.
    “Xuan Ji! Xuan Ji! You beast!!”
    Ying Mei’s hands are clenched into fists. Even though she doesn’t have any strength, her fingernails still pierces the skin of her palms. A little bit of blood seeps out from the gaps of her fingers.
     “I’m going to kill you!!! Kill you! Xuan Ji, I will make it so you won’t be allowed to live, and when you ask for death, you won’t be allowed to die!!”
    Xuan Ji snorts, finally kicking Han Ye off. Walking over to Ying Mei, “Wait ‘till I take that jade-like body of yours, and I’m afraid you won’t be able to say such things again.”
    “Awoo–! Awoo–! Awooo–!!”
    Xuan Ji’s hand is already stretched towards Ying Mei. But suddenly, they hear an earth-shaking roar of a beast.
    “Who is it?!” Xuan Ji immediately gets up, turning around to look.
    Then he sees a baffling sight.
    There’s a pink jade-carved child that is carrying a round, snow white rabbit. He unhurriedly walks in.
    It’s clearly a small boy, about four or five years old.
    But as the child sees him, as well as the bloody and messed-up room, he doesn’t have a thread of fear or panic.
    It is only when his vision falls on Han Ye that he faintly knits his brows, then he clicks his tongue, “Sure enough, stupid uncle Han Ye got bullied!”
    Even more, he got bullied so miserably!
    “Who are you?!” Xuan Ji roars in bewilderment. Suddenly, there’s a flash of enlightenment in his mind, “You’re the son of that Enchantress of Medicine Jun Muyan, that little bastard child?!”
    Ying Mei’s eyes immediately open wide, and she actually manages to push up her powerless body a little, “Little Master, you, how could you be here- quick, hurry and leave this place!”
    Xiao Bao doesn’t pay them any attention. Holding the rabbit, he goes straight before Han Ye.
    Turning a wrist, a porcelain bottle appears on the fair, tiny palm.
    Xiao Bao pries Han Ye’s mouth open, and pours the draught in.
    Before too long, Han Ye groans, slowly opening his eyes.
    He sees Xiao Bao’s refined but ice-cold little face. Han Ye’s pupils contract, and he abruptly becomes aware of what’s happening.
    “Little Master, why are you here, hurry, hurry and go! Go and look for your mother and Jun…”
    “Shut up!” Xiao Bao interrupts him with his crisp, childish voice, “You idiot, I tried to make you carry medicine the niangqin refined, but you didn’t.”
    Han Ye gapes. Then he discovers in astonishment that his body, which had just been rendered unconscious by the [Blood Sucking Fang] poison, has actually recovered to its usual state.
    But the Spiritual Power that has been completely drained by the Spirit Devouring Powder still hasn’t returned.
    Xiao Bao also notices this point, as he takes a look at Ying Mei, then turns to look at Han Ye. He frowns a little.
    Then he mutters, lower lip lifting to pout. Somewhat unwillingly, “But Xiao Bao only has two.”
    In the end, he still takes out two Pills. One by one, he stuffs them into Ying Mei and Han Ye’s mouths.
    Han ye stupidly swallows the Elixir, but he still couldn’t help but urge: “Little Master, leave quickly, don’t mind us, you are not his match.”
    “It’s already too late to think of leaving!”
    A ruthless, sinister voice speaks up from behind them.
    Han Ye and Ying Mei simultaneously have their complexions change.
    Only Xiao Bao’s expression remains indifferent and cold as he unhurriedly turns his head to look.
    Before they know it, Xuan Ji has already arrived in front of them.
    He holds a steel segmented mace in his hand, which is covered in pointy spikes, scratching the floor beneath.
    “My good mood has been disturbed over and over again. I’m very unhappy now.”
    Xuan Ji coldly regards Xiao Bao, his eyes brimming with disdain towards the latter.

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