EMHS – ch475

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Chapter 475: Won’t let go even in death
    “The Triple Bound Ghost City is founded by Jun Shang, do you think Jun Shang would never know of your deeds and conduct?”
    “Hahaha… are you an idiot? Who doesn’t know that Yanwu Continent is completely devoid of Spiritual Energy, without the least bit of value, and has long been abandoned by Jun Shang and the Polar Domain. Gu Yue, that poor guy, he is said to be the representative that the Polar Domain has posted here, but in reality, he’s a waste that has long been abandoned.” the smile on Xuan Ji’s face is incomparably insolent, “Even if I kill the two of you, and make Ying Mei mine, it would just be three less trash as far as the Polar Domain is concerned. Do you really think that someone will care?”
    Before his voice falls, the whole person suddenly soars upwards.
    A foot ruthlessly kicks Han Ye.
    With a bang, Han Ye goes flying off, slamming heavily onto the bed.
    As he gets up, wisps of blood trace along the corners of his mouth and trickle down.
    “You think you can distract my attention with a speech, then force out the poison of the Spirit Devouring Powder? Hah, Han Ye, do you take me for an idiot?”
    “Don’t waste your energy! Today, neither of you will slip through my palms!”
    Xuan Ji makes his way towards the two individuals on the bed. He kicks Han Ye to the floor.
    Lifting up a foot, he ruthlessly stamps down on Han Ye’s chest.
    Breaking the bones, “These two are payback to you. How is it, Han Ye-daren, does it feel good?”
    The ribs break apart, jabbing into his inner organs, but Han Ye doesn’t even groan.
    With a murderous gaze, he glares at Xuan Ji.
    Seeing the way Han Ye looks at him, Xuan Ji is slightly rattled inside, then he flies into a rage out of humiliation. He step down hard unto the other’s face, using his soles to grind, “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you right now.”
    “I want you to watch with your own eyes, in our bridal chambers with ornamented candles, when Ying Mei and I share a Spring night. Hahahaha…”
    “Ying Mei, you’re probably burning with lust right now, hating that you can’t just throw yourself into my arms!”
    Han Ye suddenly pounces over, taking hold of the other’s thigh.
    The longsword in his hand firmly stabs the other’s abdomen.
    “A–!” Xuan Ji shrieks, an ominous gleam taking over his eyes, “You’re courting death!”
    Flipping his wrist, a dagger appears on the hollow of his palm.
    The tip of the dagger glistens with a green light, diffusing a fishy stench.
    He firmly stabs it down towards Han Ye’s spine.
    “Han Ye–!” Ying Mei cries out as she tumbles down from the bed.
    She struggles, wanting to go to Han Ye’s side, but her body isn’t listening to her orders at all.
    Xuan Ji maliciously looks at Han Ye, unhurriedly saying: “Do you know what’s the poison at the tip of this dagger?”
    “It’s called [Blood Sucking Fang], you must have heard of it in the Xiuxian Continent. It only takes a little bit of this poison to infuse into a person’s blood, and it can destroy that person’s nerves. From that point onward, you would turn into a useless person. You won’t even be able to stand on your feel, let alone cultivate.”
    “Of course, had it been your former self, you would’ve had Spiritual Power to protect your body, this kind of poison definitely wouldn’t be able to reach your heart nor corrode your nerves. But who’s fault is it that you’re under the effects of the Spirit Devouring Powder right now, and you are no better than a mortal?”
    “Han Ye, just stay put and quietly watch how I take Ying Mei as my own, thoroughly and completely make her my woman!”
    As he speaks, Xuan Ji raises a leg and hits Han Ye’s face, wanting to kick the other away.
    However, Han Ye keeps holding on to his thighs, not moving a single jot.
    Xuan Ji furrows his brows, his features twisting for a moment, then he raises the dagger, stabbing Han Ye’s back again and  again.
    With each stab, he raises a foot to kick Han Ye’s face.
    He shouts, “Get off! Do you think you can stop me? Han Ye, why don’t you take a look at how you appear right now? You’re no better than a dog!”

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