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Chapter 462: Eating like jelly beans
    But if he eats it, it can make him stronger, and it can also make his mother stronger.
    These five Elixirs are very precious!
    Muyan takes the proffered Pill with a smile, but she doesn’t eat it herself. Instead, she stuffs it into Xiao Bao’s mouth.
    “Eat, baby. Niangqin was the one refined these Elixirs. If my baby likes them, I’ll make some more later, so you can eat them like jelly beans.”
    Even though she’s very tired from using the [Winnow] skill to refine Elixirs.
    She spent four hours, and exhausted all the Spiritual Power within her body, just so she could refine five of them.
    More than that, after successfully refining these five Elixirs, she’s completely unable to use the Winnow skill again for at least three days.
    Xiao Bao’s huge eyes are sparkling, his cheeks are bulging, and he swallows down the Pill.
    Afterwards, he reaches out to hug Muyan’s neck, and with a shy expression on his little face, he lays a soft kiss on her cheeks.
    Niangqin is really good to him.
    Xiao Bao loves her the most!
    “Baby, this time, it’s in fact thanks to the fat rabbit that niangqin could succeed in refining Pills.”
    Muyan gently runs her hand along his hair. With a soft voice and a sweet smile, “Baby, shouldn’t we also thank the fat rabbit?”
    Xiao Bao thinks deeply for a moment, then he wriggles out of Muyan’s hold, and jumps down.
    He then takes out two Pills, presenting them before the fat rabbit’s mouth, “I’m sorry, bunny.”
    The small, delicate face reveals an ashamed an uneasy expression, “These two are for you. Can you forgive me?”
    The fat rabbit was initially under the impression that the Elixirs it has been yearning for even its dreams are gone. So it simply curled into a ball to nurse its grievance.
    But now, the rabbit hears its favorite Little Master apologize, even directly giving the rabbit two Elixirs.
    It immediately jumps three feet up from the ground in happiness.
    Then the rabbit rolls into a ball of fluff, snuggling into Xiao Bao’s arms.
    Its pink tongue licks Xiao Bao’s small hand, letting out a whimpering sound like a spoiled child.
    The two little ones happily play together.
    It’s as if the disagreement earlier had never happened.
    But before long, the pair who had taken the Pills get drowsy and fall asleep.
    A lustrous radiance comes out from Xiao Bao and the fat rabbit, completely enveloping their bodies.
    Xiao Bao, in particular. That glow seem to integrate into his bones and blood vessels, washing the roots of his bones over and over again.
    Moreover, that energy within the Space that’s incompatible with the Yanwu Continent-
    Whereas it could only by absorbed by Muyan originally, it has now begun to enter into the bodies of Xiao Bao and the fat rabbit along with this glowing light.
    Previously, Muyan still didn’t know what this unfamiliar energy was.
    But she’s got it now.
    This is… Spiritual Power!
    Unique and unmatched throughout the Yanwu Continent, existing only within the Space of her Tian Mo Qin — Spiritual Power!
    Watching this scene, Muyan is so pleasantly surprised in her heart, she simply doesn’t have the words to express it.
    She still remembers what Baili Yinlou had said back then.
    There is no Spiritual Energy on the Yanwu Continent, and Xiao Bao wouldn’t live past ten years old here.
    In addition, even before reaching ten years, every day Xiao Bao lives and grows in the Yanwu Continent, the more his talents and spiritual veins would be damaged.
    Now that Xiao Bao can absorb the Spiritual Power within the Space, doesn’t that mean that his body will not continue deteriorating?
    Just as Muyan is about to use Spiritual Power to examine Xiao Bao’s physical condition-
    She suddenly hears noisy voices coming from outside the Space.
    “Miss, Miss, are you inside?”
    “Heavens, just what is this scent? How could it be so inviting?”
    “Miss, are you all right?”
    Muyan promptly rushes out of the Space, and without much extra effort, she also brings the Alchemy Furnace out from that Space and into the room.

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