EMHS – ch463

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Chapter 463: Feel free to divide it among yourselves
    The door opens.
    A group of people walks in in a line.
    The medicinal scent just a moment ago can only be considered as rich. But now, it’s practically trying to pull their intestines out.
    “Miss, this… what is this scent? Is it… something that you’ve concocted with alchemy?”
    Seeing the Dan Furnace that’s placed in the room, as well as smelling the fragrance coming out of that furnace, everyone is stunned.
    They were sleeping soundly just now, but they’re suddenly woken by a medicinal fragrance that keeps on making its way into their noses.
     With extreme hunger, along with their blood and Internal Force boiling over, they couldn’t bear but rouse and get up.
    In the end, they go to the courtyard, but the sight before their eyes astonishes them.
    The see countless birds swooping down to the open space of the courtyard, and perching on the branches of the trees.
    There are also stray dogs and small critters that have scurried over from who knows where, crowding at the vacant area.
    Greedily sniffing the alluring medicinal fragrance in the air.
    As they see people, these animals don’t even panic much.
    No matter how the people of the Ink Camp try to shoo them away, they insist on staying, not wanting to leave.
     With great difficulty, they clear out the yard. Then, Ru Yan and the others search for the medicinal scent, until they find Muyan’s quarters.
    “Miss, could it be that, that you’ve already succeeded in alchemy?” as she speaks, Ru Yan’s voice is trembling with incredulity, “That scent just now, is it… is it the medicinal fragrance when you do alchemy?”
    Muyan turns over her wrist, casually placing thirty Elixirs on the table, “What do you guys think?”
    Everyone immediately have their eyes go wide, they feel like their entire world is some delusion.
    “Refined… you’ve refined those? In just a single night, Miss could already do alchemy? Moreover, even refining thirty all at once?!”
    “When… since when had alchemy been so easy?!”
    “And what was that sweet scent that was emanating just now? Does alchemy produce such an alluring fragrance?”
    Sets of eyes simultaneously turn to stare at Muyan, their expressions appear like they’re looking at a monster, a God.
    Even they already know that their Miss is amazing, this is rather too… too astonishing!
    Muyan lazily stretches her body, carelessly saying: “These are just second grade [Recuperative Pills] that aren’t worth much, feel free to divide it among yourselves. In a few days, the Ghost City would have gathered all the drug ingredients, and I’ll refine the Elixirs that would best suit you guys.”
    As long as she doesn’t use the Shen Musician Skill [Winnow] to concoct Pills, she could refine other Elixirs.
    You could say that it would just be a simple matter for her.
    The door slams shut.
    However, every single person standing outside is still absent-minded and listless as they hold the Elixir in their hands, unable to come back to their senses.
    Previously, the draughts that other people could only yearn for day and night, they could just drink those as they please.
    Later, the Elixirs that other people can only dream of, will they also just eat them like jelly beans?
    How could this life be so dreamy?
    As Yan Haotian is about to leave, he’s suddenly caught by a pair of soft, small hands.
    His body goes rigid, and he wants to pull back his hand, but he hears Feng Haitang’s soft voice in his ears.
    “Haotian, thank you, for staying alive. And thank you, for letting us get to know Miss together, and follow her.”
    “In this life, even if you really refuse to forgive me, refuse to accept me –  I, Feng Haitang, still have no regrets.”
    Yan Haotian could only feel a violent jolt in his heart. Soon after, he appears to throw off Feng Haitang’s hand, cutting a sorry figure as he departs.
    Feng Haitang watches his retreating figure, slowly smiling. But as she chuckles, tears couldn’t help but roll down from the rims of her eyes.
    Three days later, they hear news from the Ghost City. The rest of the drug ingredients have arrived.
    Ying Mei is about to go to the Ghost City to pick up the herbs with Han Ye.
    Di Ming Jue suddenly pushes Xiao Bao to them, “Take this little guy to the Ghost City with you.”

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