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Chapter 455: Really want
    At this time, each and every one of them look towards the middle-aged woman, gazes brimming with gratitude.
    If she hadn’t stood up to defend the Shenshu first, they wouldn’t have had the guts to offend Shi-xianzi either.
    Had that been the case, they naturally couldn’t have obtained this gargantuan benefit.
    Although at the moment, this Blood Lotus Serum still hasn’t been sold in the Ghost City, they know from just listening about the effects of this special grade draught, that it would certainly sell for a sky-high price as well – even money wouldn’t be able to buy it.
    Now that they’re getting a bottle out of nowhere, how could they not go wild with joy?
    In contrast to these people, the ones who stood by Xu Fu are currently really regretting it, that their intestines going all green.
    Just a moment ago, they had still been celebrating that they’ve escaped punishment. 
    But now, they feel like they’ve lost the treasures of the entire world.
    Everyone’s eyes pierces Xu Fu like knives, hating that they couldn’t chop him up into ten thousand pieces.
    If it wasn’t for this guy creating trouble out of nothing, how could they just watch on helplessly as treasures are getting taken, while they don’t get anything?
    Aargh! The Precelestial Philter of Barrier Breaking! The Blood Lotus Serum! They really want it!!
    Magistrate Liu has an aggrieved face as well. How great would it be if these draughts are all given to him!
    Even if he doesn’t consume them, he would be insanely happy if he could use them for research.
    He thickens his face, wanting to ask Muyan for more, but he meets the young lady’s indifferent eyes, and he can only wither.
    Nevertheless, Muyan gets closer to him, and slowly says: “If I find out someone has forcefully seized the things that I, Jun Muyan, have given away – haha, your Ghost City knows the consequences.”
    Some people were originally planning to target the Ghost Envoys and Magistrates with weaker cultivation, and forcefully buy it from them. Hearing that statement however, those people can only shudder.
    They don’t dare to be rash anymore.
    Magistrate Liu goes further to smile obsequiously again and again: “Rest assured, rest assured, there’s this old man looking out. If I see someone dare to shamelessly rob another, I’ll absolutely peel off all their skin.”
    In this way, the concerns of the middle age woman and her group also dissipate.
    Yet the others are all the more sorrowful, and they’re also all the more resentful towards Xu Fu.
    Xu Fu receives everyone’s hateful looks, then he sees the middle age woman and her party grinning from ear to ear.
    He clenches his fat, greasy hand into a fist.
    Soon after, he raises his head towards the direction where Muyan and the others have left. His eyes glow with bitter resentment and hatred.
    Ever since they’ve looted Jin Wangfu, it goes without saying that Muyan’s “pocket” has been progressively getting thinner from raising the Ink Camp and the Tianji Unit. At present, it has become incredibly full once again.
    That’s why, after arriving at Jing Cheng’s Wangjiang City, she doesn’t stay at an inn.
    Instead, she directly makes Ru Yan buy a courtyard in a hidden location, but with a spacious and comfortable layout.
    When Muyan leaves later, this place can serve as another base for operations of the Tianji Unit.
    Following Muyan to Wangjiang City this time:
    In addition to Yan Haotian, Feng Haitang, Ru Yan, and the others – there’s also Chen Qingfeng and Fang Jingya.
    The Ink Camp is stationed over at Tianyuan City, led by Shen Jinglin and Chang Yu.
    Under Ru Yan’s day to day training, Fang Jingya has already been completely reborn.
    When she’s quietly standing at the side, it could make people completely overlook her existence.
    But when she raises her lips to give a light laugh, she can make people feel like they’re being cleansed by the spring wind, and totally lay down their defenses against her.
    There’s not a thread nor a hair of a seductive appearance, but she can make men feel tenderness towards her, and make women feel like they’re close to her.
    This is practically the best kind of spy.
    Ru Yan herself praises Fang Jingya’s aptitude and exceptional talents as a spy.
    About taking Chen Qingfeng along – it’s because during this time, he’s come into a plateau in his skills of refining medicine.
    Even his cultivation is in a rut.
    So, Muyan asked him to stay by her side, so she can give him instructions from time to time.

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