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Chapter 454: The grace of bestowing the medicine
    Muyan laughs in spite of herself, and she motion to Feng Haitaing. The latter promptly gives the Precelestial Philter of Barrier Breaking to Magistrate Liu.
    The old man takes the bottle. His eyes would be shooting out flames if they could.
    He stuffs his baby into a pocket, glaring warningly at other people like a tiger watching its prey.
    Nevertheless, Muyan looks to that middle age woman, and she flips her wrist. A porcelain bottle, exactly the same as the one that the old man had snatched away just a moment ago, appears on the hollow of her palm.
    Muyan holds it before the woman, trying to hand it over, “This is for you.”
    In the split second, the atmosphere freezes.
    The middle age woman widens her eyes, her mouth gaping open, and she couldn’t form a response for quite a while, “To, to me? This… i-is this…?”
    Looking at the appearance of the porcelain bottle, it’s exactly the same as the one that Magistrate Liu has taken away!
    “As you might have guessed, this is the Precelestial Philter of Barrier Breaking.” Muyan indifferently says, “I could see that your cultivation has been stagnating in the initial level of Precelestial for a long time already. Taking this Philter should help you advance to the middle level of Precelestial Stage.”
    Saying that, she grabs the woman’s hand, and places the porcelain bottle into the other’s palm.
    The middle age woman’s hand, which has received the bottle, is shaking. She simply can’t believe what she’s hearing and seeing.
    “This… but this is the Precelestial Philter of Barrier Breaking! Are-are you just going to give it to me?”
    The price of an ordinary Philter of Barrier Breaking in the Ghost City has already reached ten million gold coins.
    So what about a bottle of its Precelestial variant? What would be its price?
    And yet, this Miss Jun actually gave such a treasure to her?!
    Muyan smiles a little: “Just to thank you for stepping up for me.”
    Saying that, her gaze shifts to the Ghost Envoys and Magistrates in front of her, to the ones who were obstructing the deal together with middle-aged woman earlier.
    Her gleaming eyes move to take a look at these people.
    Each and every one of them simultaneously stand up straighter. Glug, glug – one by one, they couldn’t help but gulp down.
    Muyan raises a hand, and a row of bottles appear on the table, “These draughts are called [Blood Lotus Serum]. Although its effects couldn’t make someone immediately break through a bottleneck like the Philter of Barrier Breaking, it could improve a person’s constitution and Qi Sea. It maximizes the improvements of a person’s physique for a short period of time. I could see that you all haven’t reached a bottleneck yet, but if you take this bottle of draught, it would be much easier to make breakthrough when you run into a bottleneck in the future.”
    Since the Tian Mo Qin leveled up, the effects of the [Spring Snow] also had an upgrade.
    The draughts she refines has become much more powerful than before, which gave birth to an upgraded version of the Philter of Barrier Breaking – the Precelestial Philter of Barrier Breaking.
    And this [Blood Lotus Serum] is a new kind of draught that she’s able to refine after the [Spring Snow] had a skill upgrade.
    In terms of effects, it’s not as good as the Precelestial Philter of Barrier Breaking.
    But on the angle of stability, it’s more useful than the Philter.
    After laying down the row of porcelain bottles, Muyan watches as all of them look at her stupidly, their eyes losing focus.
    She can only use a prompting tone, “Do you not want these draughts? Would you rather…” have the Precelestial Philter of Barrier Breaking?
    She still hasn’t finished what she’s saying,
    -when like the wind, that few people rushes forward to the table, snatching away their bottle.
    That’s right, just like plundering!
    Their hands are so fast, that she can only see the afterimages. Then, before the others could react, they quickly hide it in their pockets, just like what that old man did.
    “Many thanks to Miss Jun for the grace of bestowing us the medicine!”
    The others stare at them with red-hot, jealous gazes – like they want to commit murder to steal the treasure. They bow deeply towards Muyan, tears glistening in their eyes.
    They never expected that this time, when they thoughtlessly followed the group that they believed in, it would bring about this kind of benefits.

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