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Chapter 456: Future Gu Ye (Son-in-law)
    Chen Qingfeng’s current level of refining draughts is actually quite remarkable.
    In fact, Muyan only deals a smalls number of draughts to the Ghost City.
    All the other medicines that they sell to the Ghost City are refined by Chen Qingfeng.
    Even though the draughts made by Chen Qinfeng aren’t as miraculous as Muyan’s-
    Their effects are a little bit stronger compared to an ordinary refiner’s.
     Moreover, the price is within the acceptable range for most practitioners, so they are very popular in the Ghost City.
    Nevertheless, Chen Qingfeng still feels very dejected.
    “Miss, I’m really too stupid.” head hanging down, his listlessly says, “You’ve already taught me so many times how to refine the Philter of Barrier Breaking, but I still couldn’t do it. You’ve been teaching me for such a long time, but I still couldn’t follow your examples, not even the fundamentals.”
    Ru Yan sneers and says: “Why don’t you take a look at who’s fundamentals those belong to? That you can have the merit of Miss’ basic knowledge, take it out, and all the other apothecaries would be madly jealous of you.”
    That makes everyone roar with laughter.
    Chen Qingfeng’s unshaven face also reveals a silly smile.
    After laughing, Muyan listens to the task reports from Ru Yan and Yan Haotian.
    Only then do they quiet down: “In the next three days, I’m going into seclusion, if you have some matters that you couldn’t handle, you can try to find…”
    She still hasn’t finished her words, when Ru Yan smiles and says: “Don’t worry, Miss. If there’s something that we couldn’t deal with, we know that we could look for Gu Ye*. Gu Ye is so powerful, there’s really nothing that he can’t resolve.”
  • son-in-law, used by the woman’s family to refer to her husband.
    Muyan clenches her teeth, “Who are you calling Gu Ye?”
    Ru Yan blinks, and suddenly realizes something, “Oh, that’s right, he’s still not Gu Ye, it should be future Gu Ye!”
    “But this subordinate thinks that future Gu Ye is very eager, wanting the full position!”
    “Hehe, naturally! Just look at our Miss, it’s really Gu Ye’s good fortune over three lifetimes that he could marry our Lady.”
    “But well, if future Gu Ye wants to marry Miss, he still has to cross the mountain pass that is the Little Gongzi…”
    “The Young Master calls Gu Ye ‘dad’, he’s clearly recognized him already!”
    Muyan suppresses the veins suddenly popping on her forehead, unhappily saying: “Silence, I don’t have a relationship with that guy!”
    But it’s just a pity, that after she finishes speaking-
    The group of subordinates below, each and every one of them has a smile that says “You don’t need to say it, we all understand that you’re shy” on their faces.
    Muyan suddenly feels very powerless, and she couldn’t stop her cheeks from heating up.
    “Oh, right. Miss, are you going into seclusion this time in order to try alchemy?” Ru Yan suddenly asks.
    Everyone’s eyes can only gather on Muyan, wanting to say something but hesitant to do so.
    “Miss, the truth is, the draughts that you refine already far surpasses the value and usefulness of the Elixirs today. There’s simply no need to force yourself to do alchemy because of that annoying Shi Lanling!”
    “That’s right, Miss. What Jian Feng, what Shi Lanling, so what if they’re called Master Alchemists? The value of their Elixirs still simply couldn’t compare with the special draughts that you refine.”
    Even Feng Haitang, who’s habitually silent, and always calm and steady, also opens her mouth with some hesitation.
    “Miss, this subordinate had once read an ancient text in the Feng Family. It said that in reality, there’s absolutely no one in the Yanwu Continent who can genuinely do alchemy, and that the Elixirs that we see today are really just semi-finished products.”
    “Also, the reason why others can refine these half-made goods, is because their predecessors have passed down a secret method of condensing Pills. There were previously a lot of people in the Yanwu Continent who are extremely talented in refining medicine. They tried to do alchemy, but all of them ultimately failed. It’s because those Alchemy families didn’t give them the secret method of condensing Pills.”

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