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Chapter 451: She wants to respect the aged! Tend to the young!
    Magistrate Liu’s old face wants to cry but it can’t, and his completely bereft hand is itching to grab his own white beard and yank it down, “Miss Jun, you are the Shenshu of the entire Ghost City, how can you be so partial and focus on Xia’an alone? In the heart of our Ghost City here in Wangjiang, it’s reverence for you is also like an unending and unbroken torrential river!”
    If by making a terrible scene, he can make this ancestor change her decision, Magistrate Liu could absolutely do that right now.
    “Oh, speaking of which,” Muyan takes out the Shenshu token from her chest pocket, and casually tosses it to Magistrate Liu. Her face is filled with disdain, “I thought that Ghost City’s Shenshu would be treated with the highest priority, and I didn’t expect that it would actually be just a heap of junk. It can’t even let me buy some herbs. Since it’s so useless, and it’s a nuisance being a Shenshu, I don’t want it.”
    After that, she then glances to the side, at Xu Fu, “Oh right, Magistrate Xu. Just a moment ago, didn’t you want to examine the authenticity of my Shenshu token? Now that the token has already been returned to your Ghost City, if you guys want to examine it, just go ahead!”
    Xu Fu dumbly stands where he is, the whole person has gone rigid.
    Moreover, that crowd of Magistrates and Ghost Envoys behind Xu Fu have their complexions burst into green and white, really wishing that they could just faint then and there.
    Jun Muyan is unexpectedly… not merely a Shenshu?
    She’s also that godly apothecary who can refine the Precelestial Philter of Barrier Breaking?!
    Xu Fu feels his vision go dark, there’s a roaring in his brain, and the blood all over his body goes cold.
    He… what the hell did he just do?
    Did he just offend the apothecary who could refine the Precelestial Philter?
    At this time, Magistrate Liu had also finally realized that something unpleasant had happened here.
    He’s irritated as he pulls someone to ask about the matter’s cause and effect.
    He then listens, that in order to please Shi Lanling, Xu Fu gave Shi Lanling all the drug ingredients that he originally promised to sell to Muyan.
    After completely offending Muyan, Magistrate Liu coughs out a mouthful of old blood in his anger, and he almost passes out.
    “Xu Fu!! You pighead, I’m going to kill you!!”
    WIth a single leg, he kicks Xu Fu several times to send him flying.
    As Muyan is about to leave, Magistrate Xu scuttles to get in front of her, and he kneels down with a thud. He reaches out to grab Muyan’s skirt.
    “Miss Jun, Shenshu-daren, please be magnanimous, a person of great moral stature does not remember the offenses committed by one of low moral stature. Please don’t bother about those few absolutely disgraceful things.”
    “Our Ghost City here in Wangjiang really, truly needs your special grade draughts. Also, your Philter of Barrier Breaking, please be magnanimous and give it to me! Otherwise, this old man will have no thought for tea nor rice, and it probably won’t take several days before I breath my last.”
    Muyan: “……”
    Indeed, she’s struck dumb by the scene before her eyes.
    She’s never seen anyone without skin nor face such as this.
    If it was someone younger, she would have already kicked him flying by now.
    But as it happens, the one pulling her skirt and wailing towards her, throwing a tantrum and acting shamelessly, is an old man who is old enough to be her grandfather.
    Muyan takes a deep breath, and then another. As Di Ming Jue tries to go forward and kick the other, she even stiffly pulls him back.
    She wants to respect the aged! Care for the young!
    Don’t be too violent! Don’t be too violent!
    By any means, Shi Lanling never expected that there would actually be such a turn of events.
    Just a moment ago, Jun Muyan was clearly about to be driven away without the least bit of dignity. But an old man suddenly rushes in, so revering towards her, even treating her like a treasure as he urges her to stay.
    Shi Lanling has long known that Jun Muyan can refine draughts, and that they are also very potent.

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  1. I need Shi Lanling to get face slapped in-front of this crowd. Perhaps that will stop her from being so arrogant. After all, she needs to keep image.


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