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Chapter 450: Ancestor, I will kneel down to you
    The clapper-boards had been struck at that moment, and Wangjiang’s Ghost City directly took it.
    While they still hadn’t settled on a suitable price, Old Liu had already been clutching that Precelestial Philter of Barrier Breaking, holding it like a precious golden baby that he would hate to let go and part with – not even for a moment.
    Just as Old Tao has finished speaking, the smile still spread across his face, he discovers that the surrounding atmosphere is somewhat still.
    He grabs his head, somewhat confounded, “Miss, is something wrong? Didn’t you say you were going to purchase some herbs? Have you bought them now?”
    Muyan has a smile that isn’t a smile, and just as she’s about to speak-
    They see a white-bearded old man rushing to come over.
    He holds a document in one hand, while firmly clutching a porcelain bottle in the other hand.
    As he’s running, he’s frequently bowing his head to take a quick look, like he’s afraid that the treasured object would be knocked out of his hand.
    “Are- are you Miss Jun? It’s an honor to meet you, it’s an honor to meet you at last!!”
    As soon as he sees Muyan, who is next to Old Tao, he immediately rushes over in two or three steps. Disregarding that he’s old enough that he could be Muyan’s grandfather, he gives a deep bow and says: “I didn’t expect that the famous godly apothecary would actually be so young. Ah, this old man also refines medicines, but seeing the draught that you’ve made, I feel completely ashamed of being inferior, so embarrassed of my ineptitude ah!”
    “Miss Jun, this old man has brought over the consignment contract for draughts this time. Do you think that we could sign it now, or do you have any further requirements? Our Wangjiang Ghost City will certainly do the utmost of our capabilities to satisfy you!”
    As he’s speaking, he’s eagerly handing over that contract.
    But his other hand is still firmly grasping that porcelain bottle, pressing it against his chest like he’s afraid that other people would snatch it away.
    There’s a smirk in Muyan’s mouth as she indifferently glances at that contract, but she doesn’t receive it.
    Instead, she drawls: “There’s no need. I think that it would be better cancel our agreement.”
    Magistrate Liu stares blankly, “Cancel? What… what does it mean?”
    “It means that I’m not going to sell this special grade draught in Wangjiang’s Ghost City,”
     Magistrate Liu blinks, and then he blinks again.
    It looks like he’s taking quite a while to understand what Muyan said.
    “M-M-M-Miss Jun, what are you saying?” Magistrate Liu’s anxious words go out in a stutter, and he almost drops the treasured bottle in his grasp, “Miss Jun, please don’t play jokes, didn’t we already come to an agreement? Is the consignment fee too expensive? I… we could reduce it to half of before, no, we can also do it for free.”
    Muyan shows a languid smile and looks at him.
    She stretches out a hand, and before Magistrate Liu could react, the porcelain bottle that he’s holding like a baby has already disappeared from his grasp, going into Muyan’s hand.
    “If I remember it correctly, this bottle should contain the Precelestial Philter of Barrier Breaking that I’ve refined, yes? Since I no longer intend to sell it in Wangjiang’s Ghost City, shouldn’t it naturally be returned to me?”
    Saying that, she tosses it to Feng Haitang like she’s throwing trash.
    “Noooo–!!” Magistrate Liu immediately lets out a distressed wail of yearning.
    His Precelestial Philter of Barrier Breaking, his precious baby!
    “Miss Jun, just what happened? If you have any requirements, please say it! We’ll promise you anything, is that still not enough?”
    He really wants to kneel down to this ancestor.
    Ah, it was with great difficulty this godly draught had arrived to his door! It was with great difficulty that the Precelestial Philter of Barrier Breaking entered his hands ah!
    Previously, these godly draughts had only been available in Xia’an’s Ghost City.
    But today, this godly apothecary had actually sent herself to his door, and he was practically wild with joy.
    But he wasn’t happy for long, before he falls from heaven to hell.

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  1. Magistrate Liu can go blame Xu Fu for his greed and foolishness that he has lost his Precelestial Philter of Barrier Breaking and Wangjiang’s Ghost City has lost a money maker.


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