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Chapter 452: The most embarrassing thing
    Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to heal her face within a quarter of an hour.
    But so what if it’s very potent – in the end, isn’t it just a draught?
    Have these people gone mad?
    Not pursuing her, the fairy who can refine Elixirs – and unexpectedly going after someone who can only refine draughts?
    What Philter of Barrier Breaking, what godly draughts… can it even be mentioned in the same breath as the [Spirit and Foundation Strengthening Pill] that she has refined?
    Shi Lanling grits her teeth. She suddenly leans her head towards Rui Zhu to say a few words.
    Rui Zhu promptly clears her throat, and speaks in a loud voice: “Keh, isn’t it just a draught? What’s there to fight over and scramble for?”
    “Next month, Shi-xianzi’s Elixirs will be sold in Wangjiang Ghost City at seventy percent of its price.”
    With that, sure enough, the originally noisy atmosphere in the room goes quiet and still.
    Rui Zhu arrogantly raises her chin, then she waits for those people to be shocked, cheer excitedly, and go wild with joy.
    It should be known that Shi Lanling’s Elixirs in the Ghost City had always been expensive and without a market.
    There’s no lack of people who want to buy, but the price had always been too high.
    Thirty percent off, this is something that has never happened before.
    But a breath has passed… ten breaths has passed… a hundred breaths… the place is still extremely quiet, cold and indifferent.
    Magistrate Liu is flabbergasted, curiously sweeping his gaze over Shi Lanling and Rui Zhu.
    Then he abruptly turns his head back, and continues to hold on to Muyan’s skirt, crying, “Miss Jun, can’t you help this dying old man! The drug ingredients that you want, our Ghost City will give them all to you, okay? If you feel that’s still not enough, this old man will give you double! Just sign this contract!”
    The other Magistrates and Ghost Envoys also look at Muyan with fervent eyes.
    Though there’s resentment and gloominess in some people’s eyes, regretting that they’ve stood on the wrong side earlier-
    They think that if those special grade draughts could be sold in Wangjiang’s Ghost City, they themselves would inevitably receive some benefits, so they suddenly become eager as well.
    Others give Muyan a deep bow, asking her to forgive them.
    Rui Zhu never expected, that after thinking that she has declared some serious news, there would be this kind of reaction.
    Her small face flushes red.
    She looks towards Shi Lanling at her side. Even through the veil, she could make out the other’s malevolently twisted face.
    What’s the most embarrassing thing in life?
    It’s not when someone refutes your words and humiliates you – but it’s when you believe that you’re infallible and you’re the focus of the crowd, not expecting that after you speak, you’ll be treated as air, and not a single person is attaching any importance to you.
    Even Xu Fu looks like his intestines are all twisted green now.
    If he can return to before, he’ll definitely come up with a completely different choice.
    On her sides, both of Shi Lanling’s hands are firmly grasped into fists.
    Her two eyes have already turned red, tenaciously glaring at Muyan, who’s at the center of the crowd.
    This bitch, this Jun Muyan, every time she appears, she will make Shi Lanling lose face.
    She wants Jun Muyan dead! Be sure to make her lose all standing and reputation, and die without a burial site!
    Shi Lanling couldn’t stay in this room for even a moment longer, so with large strides she makes her way to leave.
    But the doorway is obstructed by the people impeding Muyan.
    As Shi Lanling squeezes through them, it’s unavoidable that someone knocked the veil from her face.
    The cloth falls down, revealing the white spots that have grown all over her face.
    “Ah, what’s that? Why is it so awful? Is it like vitiligo?”
    “How did Shi-xianzi become… become this way? Isn’t she an amazing Master Apothecary and Alchemist? Why can’t she even cure her own face?”

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  1. This bitch, this Jun Muyan, every time she appears, she will make Shi Lanling lose face.

    Need I remind you that it’s always you that come and wanna snatch what is hers?


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