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Chapter 449: Two faction as divided as the rivers of Jing and Wei
    Some are in favor of Xu Fu, believing that giving the herbs to Shi-xianzi would let the Ghost City obtain the biggest benefits, and these kind of people account for the overwhelming majority of the Magistrates.
    Only a small minority stands beside that middle-aged woman, Magistrate Qin. They believe that the Ghost Lord’s order is everything, so how could they not comply?
    Seeing they would actually be so stubborn, Xu Fu couldn’t help but frown, looking cold and harsh, “Magistrate Qin, everything the I do is for the good of the Ghost City. If you’re being this stubborn, wait until I report to the Ghost King later, and you will not have a good end.”
    Shi Lanling also sends a glance towards that middle-aged woman. With a light snort, she arrogantly says: “Rui Zhu, the Elixirs that I refine are not allowed be sold to these people in the future!”
    Rui Zhu smiles and says: “Rest assured, Miss. Since these people are unable to tell good from bad, I’m afraid that they would no longer be able to buy any Elixirs later, let alone the ones that the Lady refines. Hehe, all of these is what they brought upon themselves!”
    Xu Fu hears that, and he’s pleased beyond words in his mind.
    Some people behind Magistrate Qin show some hesitation. There are two people who couldn’t stand the pressure, and they walk to stand behind Xu Fu.
    They even follow to persuade: “Magistrate Qin, why should you be so stubborn for a little girl that you’ve never met before? What’s more, we’re not denying her either. It’s just that Shi-xianzi requires the herbs, so we’re going to give them to Shi-xianzi first.”
    “That’s right, this is the best decision for our Ghost City. Why should set yourself against everyone for a Shenshu when you don’t know if it’s real or fake?”
    But the middle-aged woman stretches her neck, not allowing Xu Fu to give the drug ingredients to Shi Lanling, “I am not setting myself against all of you. I only know that in the Ghost City, the Ghost Lord’s orders are everything. If you go against the orders of the Ghost Lord, then you don’t deserve to stay in the Ghost City!”
    “Hehe, Qin Xiangyu, since you’re really unable to tell good from bad, then don’t blame us for being impolite!”
    Xu Fu coldy says: “Magistrate Qin is colluding with outsiders to harm the interests of the Ghost City. Lock her up first, and wait for the Ghost King to return and hand down punishments.”
    Both sides simultaneously unsheathe their weapons, swords drawn and bows bent.
    It’s awfully clear that Magistrate Qin’s side is weaker and at a disadvantageous position.
    Muyan looks at these two factions that are as divided as the rivers of Jing and Wei, and she faintly narrows her eyes.
    It seems like she’s finally witnessing the undercurrents surging up violently in Wangjiang’s Ghost City.
    She suddenly remembers that back in that past life, it seems like Jing Cheng’s Ghost City has ultimately fallen into Gong Qianxue’s hands.
    What about now?
    Has Gong Qianxue’s hands already burrowed into this Wangjiang’s Ghost City?
    Just as the two opposing sides are in a deadlock-
    Old Tao suddenly rushes inside, full of joy as he does so.
    As soon as he sees Muyan, he immediately bows to make his salutations, “So you’re here, Miss. I was looking for you.”
    “We have finished the negotiation for the consignment of the new batch of draughts. Wangjiang’s Ghost City is willing to reduce the cut to ten percent from the original price, and they’re only waiting for your confirmation and signature. Old Liu is currently waiting for you in the other private room!”
    As he’s bringing this up, Old Tao is in high spirits, radiant with delight.
    Muyan’s draughts are consigned for sale in the Ghost City, and the Ghost City originally had a twenty percent cut.
    This fee was the lowest rate in the entire Ghost City.
    But now, in order to build a good relationship with them, Wangjiang’s Ghost City is lowering the service charge to ten percent.
    Raising the Tianji Unit and the Ink Camp needs more money, right? How could Old Tao be dissatisfied of being able to make more money?
    Of course, the key factor isn’t Old Tao speaking well.
    Instead, it’s the draughts the Muyan is putting forward. Which of them isn’t invaluable, one can scramble for it but still not get it.
    Old Liu, who is in charge of discussing business, took one look at the draught they’ve put forward, and his eyes turned red.

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