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Chapter 421: So Similar
    This… what is this energy?
    Is this Mysterious Energy?
    Wrong! It isn’t!
    It’s essence is purer than Mysterious Energy, it is richer and more mellow.
    It’s like nature’s spirit that nourishes all living things in the world. As soon as it enters her body, it’s as if her dried up meridians is being showered by spring rain, recovering a little.
    What’s even stranger, is that along with this energy rushing to enter,
    There seems to be a large amount of a different kind of power inside her body, circulating within her muscles and veins, ultimately converging at her lower abdomen.
    However, it is not Internal Force, and neither does it converge in her Qi Sea.
    Instead – stored in another, more mysterious space – there’s an energy that she’s never felt before.
    This… what exactly is this?
    Why does she feel that this energy is somewhat familiar? As if she had experienced it a very long time ago.
    A long, long time ago…
    Heavenly Lightning surges along, thunderclouds spanning ten thousand fathoms, burning pain wracking her body…
    However, as the lightning fell, the muscles and veins of her body began transform inch by inch.
    The Qi Sea that originally condensed Mysterious Energy also began to change, gradually bringing about another kind of energy, unfamiliar and powerful.
    That was… Spiritual Power!!
    This is the Spiritual Power that everyone in the Yanwu Continent yearn for even in their dreams!
    Muyan suddenly opens her eyes, but she closes them again because of the intense light.
    The scene in front of her becomes a little bit clearer.
    She hears Xiao Bao calling out.
    There’s also a man’s deep and low murmuring, “Muyan…”
    Soon after, two pairs of almost identical eyes enter her vision.
    One big and one small, but similar nevertheless.
    But these two pairs of eyes aren’t only similar to each other.
    They also resemble those eyes in her memory.
    Within the pitch-black cavern, only that touch on her body had been scalding, only those eyes burned so brightly, like they’re reflecting her soul inside.
    That night that she never wants to remember again.
    The pain, the torment, the befuddlement and intoxication… the luan and the feng flying over each other.
  • phoenix-like birds: luan is blue, feng is red (but feng is usually translated as THE phoenix). It means having sexual intercourse.
    At that time, what was consistently visible in front of her had been this kind of eyes.
    Di Ming Jue’s eyes, why are they so similar to those!
    Muyan dazedly stares at the man’s handsome countenance, and those deep eyes that are almost a little silly.
    No, wrong!
    In her memory, those eyes were red, without reason, practically unable to reflect the world and all living things.
    Besides giving Muyan her most cherished Xiao Bao, he only gave her pain and humiliation that day and night.
    However, Di Ming Jue eyes are filled with the reflection of her image.
    Even if this man is wearing callousness and pride, he holds her dearly within his heart.
    “Muyan, how are you? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”
    Noticing that Muyan is listless, and not reacting for quite a while, Di Ming Jue could no longer maintain his cold look.
    There’s an anxious expression in his eyes.
    Xiao Bao quickly cries out, “Niangqin, niangqin, don’t scare me!”
    Muyan lets out a few soft coughs, and at last, her pupils slowly focus and fall on Xiao Bao: “Baby?”
    Xiao Bao immediately throws himself into Muyan’s arms. Holding her neck tightly, his very small form is shaking nonstop.
    He had been stifling his sobs in front of Di Ming Jue.
    Now that he’s in Muyan’s embrace at last, he finally couldn’t help but cry out.
    The child is very small and soft, mewling like a tiny kitten.
    “Niangqin… niangqin… Xiao Bao thought I would never see you again…”
    Without bawling or wailing, not the slightest bit of a tantrum – but it’s making people’s heart melt painfully, like soaking in warm water.
    Muyan tightly hugs the small figure in her arms, her eyes going red as well.

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