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Chapter 422: They are not allowed to die
    “Baby, don’t cry. Niangqin loves Xiao Bao the most, how could I be willing leave and be away from Xiao Bao? Hey, don’t cry, don’t you see that niangqin is fine?”
    At the other side, there’s Jun Shang who really wants to hold his beloved in his embrace, get affectionate, and give a good heartfelt complaint about leaving him: “…”
    With great difficulty, Muyan is able to coax the son who rarely cries. Raising her head, she meets the man’s face, gloomy yet faintly resentful and aggrieved.
    She couldn’t suppress a smile from spilling out of the corners of her mouth.
    She doesn’t know all of the many things that happened while she was unconscious. Still, she had an indistinct and hazy impression of when Di Ming Jue finally caught her midair.
    This man was rigid, his embrace was so tensed that he was almost trembling.
    And when she opened her eyes, she saw the man’s panicked and eager gaze.
    It’s truly too incongruous with his usual callous and headstrong look.
    But it’s precisely because of this incongruity that Muyan’s heart goes soft, and kind of warm.
    “Di Ming Jue, thank you for saving me.”
    Di Ming Jue stares at her with slightly lowered eyes, finally looking a little better.
    However, his gaze becomes hotter and hotter, “So, are you prepared enough to devote your life to me?”
    Muyan: “…”
    Can this man go three sentences without mentioning lifelong commitments?
    “Right, niangqin!” Xiao Bao finishes venting his emotions, and it’s like he suddenly remembers something as he hurriedly shouts out, “Junior Brother and Uncle Rabbit Lantern, they… they’re heavily wounded!”
    Muyan is alarmed, promptly turning to the direction Xiao Bao is pointing to.
    As soon as she sees the tormented and no longer human-shaped Lou Beiyu and Bai Yichen, Muyan immediately widens her eyes.
     Her breathing stops for a moment, then it abruptly becomes heavy.
    A trace of displeasure and concern flashes through Di Ming Jue’s eyes, but she doesn’t wait for him to speak.
    Muyan’s figure suddenly disappears from her original spot, and appears beside Lou Beiyu and Bai Yichen.
    “Niangqin, are they… going to die?”
    Xiao Bao says softly, a bit fragile and fearful.
    Being so young, even if he’s calm and mature for his age, he still couldn’t understand true death and separation.
    However, thinking that Junior Brother and Uncle Rabbit Lantern might forever disappear in the world, his heart feels sick beyond words.
    Heavy, like a block of stone is pressing down on it.
    Muyan has a draught in her hand, and she feeds it to the two unconscious people.
    She makes sure that the two of them swallow down the draught, and only then does she slowly breath out.
    “Of course they won’t die.” Muyan turns to look at Xiao Bao, her expression focuses and becomes determined, “Niangqin will not allow them to die.”
    “Not only will I prevent them from dying,” Muyan’s line of sight slowly falls on Lou Beiyu and Bai Yichen, “I’m going to have them recover completely, and live better than before.”
    Hearing Muyan’s words, Xiao Bao’s taut little face immediately softens down.
    His huge eyes are brimming with trust and adoration as he looks at Muyan.
    Since his mother said that Junior Brother and Uncle Rabbit Lantern won’t die, then they will definitely not die.
    Niangqin has never said something that she couldn’t do.
    Lou Beiyu and Bai Yichen have absorbed the medicine that confirms the preservation of  their lives.
    Muyan then takes out silver needles, inserting one after another into the two people’s major acupuncture points.
    It’s as if her heart is getting choked by something, it’s aching and remorseful.
    That’s because she knows that Lou Beiyu and Bai Yichen have fallen into such a state all because of her.
    However, her hands are very steady, every prick of the needle doesn’t have slightest bit of error.
    She knows that remorse is useless.

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