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Chapter 420: Due Retribution
    “Moreover, I’m guessing that this bastard child isn’t your biological child either? You see, Jun Muyan was able to give birth to a man’s vile spawn back then. Nowadays, she can naturally seduce other men as well. This wedding today is also because she delivered herself to my door, she took the initiative to tempt me to…”
    Jin Wang’s voice abruptly stops with a grunting sound. Soon after, he produces an “Ah” sound.
    However, his open mouth wouldn’t close no matter what.
    Di Ming Jue is still holding the unconscious Muyan in his embrace, and he walks over to Jin Wang step by step.
    “Ben Jun doesn’t like hearing unpleasant words about my fiancée, and my son, from other people’s mouth.”
    “Agh… ah… aa–!”
    Jin Wang has an expression of pleading across his whole face, incessantly making sounds of begging for mercy.
    Just now, he wanted to make remarks that would incite disharmony in Di Ming Jue and Muyan’s relationship.
    Which man wouldn’t be jealous, which man isn’t possessive?
    Knowing that Jun Muyan fooled around with other men, this man should definitely go mad out of jealousy, and redirect his hostility away from Jin Wang.
    However, his fine plan of sowing discord didn’t merely fail-
    On the contrary, it’s finally making him feel genuine fear.
    “Han Ye, Ben Jun wants to wake Muyan. There’s no need for her to hear those unpleasant words.”
    “Yes, Jun Shang!”
    Han Ye is beaming as he walks before Jin Wang. Raising the sword in his hand, he lightly taps on the teeth that Jin Wang couldn’t close.
    “Say, how could I make you unable to talk, and prevent you from talking shit?”
    “Ah… aah…” Jin Wang desperately shakes his head, trying to recoil.
    However, it seems like an invisible force is binding his body, and he couldn’t move at all.
    “Hm, these teeth are quite unsightly. Let’s knock them all down first!”
    “This tongue is also useless, let’s just cut it!”
    “Oh, you seem to have crushed someone’s throat as well. Why don’t I let you have a taste of that too, the feeling of having your throat crushed.”
    After a short period of time, Jin Wang’s teeth have been completely knocked down, his tongue is cut off, and his throat is crushed.
    Every inch of bone in his entire body have also been broken by Ying Mei.
    That miserable state seems like double that of Lou Beiyu’s and Bai Yichen’s combined.
    Ying Mei originally wanted to cover Xiao Bao’s face, and prevent him from seeing such a bloody scene.
    However, Xiao Bao resolutely pulls her hand down, “This scoundrel hurt Junior Brother and Uncle Rabbit Lantern so much, even wanting to take niangqin… I want to watch him get due retribution.”
    But Ying Mei is reluctant to take her hand off. After all, he’s only a four year old child.
   “He will inherit the Polar Domain in the future. If he couldn’t even bear this bloodshed, how can he undertake the future of the Three Realms?”
    In the end, it is Di Ming Jue’s words that makes Ying Mei retreat.
    Xiao Bao watches wide-eyed as Jin Wang completely and thoroughly turns into a waste, and it is only after he tastes hellish suffering does he pass out.
    Just then, Di Ming Jue withdraws the hand he’s pressing on Muyan’s wrist.
    The young woman’s long thick lashes tremble, her eyes slowly open.
    Muyan feels like she’s having a very long dream.
    Inside the dream, it is grotesque, variegated, desolate, spacious, and empty.
    In her dream, she smells the reek of blood, she senses anxiousness; in the end, she tastes loneliness and fear.
   Through it all, she desperately wanted to wake up, but she couldn’t.
    Until a warm, large hand clasps her wrist.
    Her whole body is undoubtedly as empty as before, remote and deserted.
    However, she seems to be held in a familiar embrace.
    Through her clasped wrist, a steady flow of powerful energy rushes into her body.


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