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Chapter 334: The Flower of Vengeance
    The maid stares blankly, then she immediately says: “Me, I saw it with my own eyes, I am a witness.”
    “Witness testimony? No need…” Di Ming Jue’s lips curl up like he’s smiling, but the chill and bloodthirst within his eyes is making his handsome face look particularly dangerous, “Ben Jun has better evidence.”
    Just as his voice falls, a powerful energy strikes at the withered Dark Clouds Spirit Flower.
    It’s ignited into flames, and the withered plant burns until there’s almost nothing left.
    The next moment, they see a strand of black gas coming out from smoke, and it flies straight towards the maid.
    At the side, Han Ye says with a sneer: “I forgot to tell you, the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower used to be called the Holy Soul Flower in ancient times.”
    “That’s because it can only accept a purer and purer breath for nourishment. Previously, the one cultivating this Dark Clouds Spirit Flower is Miss Jun, so her body has the unmixed Internal Force. So from then on, if someone touches the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower without the exact same kind of breath as Miss Jun, the Spirit Flower will die from making contact with the polluting qi.”
    “That’s the reason why, these past six days, every one of us in this courtyard would dare to approach the Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers, but no one would dare touch them.”
    The maid widens her eyes in horror, “No, that’s impossible!”
    How could there be such a strange and sentient flower in this world?
    Han Ye continues: “There’s one more thing that I forgot to tell you – this Dark Clouds Spirit Flower is a kind of plant that is very vengeful.”
    “Since its life only lasts for seven days, this flower really treasures the period of its growth. So if it happens that a dirty breath causes them to die, the withered flower leaves will lock on to this pollution and strengthen it. Once the flower leaves have burned or rotted completely, the dirty breath will once again return to its owner.”
    It’s as if the black smoke has a mind of its own, as it flies straight to the maid.
    The maid scrambles in trying to dodge, but she simply cannot hide from this black wisp.
    After a few short breaths, her face has been completely covered by this black smoke.
    “Aaaah–!!” a shrill, blood-curdling scream pierces through the sky.
    The maid howls in grief as she desperately rolls on the ground.
    This kind of pain goes on for a quarter of an hour, and the black smoke slowly dissipates.
    Revealing the maid’s haggard, black-colored face.
    One can say that the maid initially had a face that’s considered pretty and lovable, red lips and white teeth.
    Now, she’s only left with black, even her teeth are dark yellow.
    Incredibly ugly.
    Simply a bumpkin even among village folk.
    “Pft… *cough* *cough*…” one of the black-clothed guards at the side couldn’t help himself, and lets out a laugh.
    Then he hurriedly restrains himself in fear.
    “Hahahaha…” Han Ye doesn’t have any reservations, holding his stomach as he leans against Ying Mei. He can’t straighten his waist from laughing, “Hahaha, Little Shadow, look at her face, doesn’t it look like a charcoal briquette?”
    Ying Mei disapprovingly pushes Han Ye away, but seeing the maid’s appearance, her lips can’t help but twitch up.
    Muyan is also a bit stunned.
    She didn’t know that the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower would actually have this kind of ability after its death.
    This means of retaliation really displays originality.
    Di Ming Jue looks at the smile on her face, and the cold harshness between his brows finally recedes a bit, changing into gentle doting.
    The maid feels up her own face, and brings down the hand that touched it. She sees that her palm is pitch black.
    And this kind of darkness wouldn’t come off with any kind of rubbing or washing.
    She was originally quite confident about her own appearance. All along, she was fantasizing of being able to follow by her lady’s side, and accompany the Miss into marrying a handsome groom.
    But now… now… everything is ruined.
    However, before the tears could rush out-

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