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Chapter 335: Business completion
    Han Ye has already stopped laughing, deathly serious as he stands before the maid, “Well then, now that the one who killed the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower has been identified, it’s time for us to figure out the issue of compensation.”
    The maid widens her whirling eyes, her blackened mouth is agape, revealing a horrified and desperate expression.
    Nevertheless, Han Ye smiles a little gentler, “Don’t worry, we won’t make things difficult for you, as we’ll just do it according to what you said just now. Either provide a Dark Clouds Spirit Flower, or compensate with ten million gold coins. Oh, that’s right, we can’t forget the punishment of one hundred lashes either. Girl, may I ask if what I said is alright?”
    The maid’s body is on the verge of collapse, and if her skin complexion could still be seen at this time, it would probably take on an unnatural color of greenish ash.
    “I… I… no… spare me…”
    “Alas, that wouldn’t cut it!” Han Ye lets out a regretful sigh.
    He softly claps his hands, and his face has an assuring gentleness, “But you don’t have to be anxious. If you can’t pay at the time being, we won’t force you. Like you said, it’s very simple – if you don’t have enough money, you’d just be sold to Wan Ren Ku.”
    “But your appearance…” Han Ye looks at her up and down, sizing up her appearance, “Oh, the flesh business wouldn’t do, but you could be a slave in the Beast Fighting Colosseum, that would be pretty good. After all, you do have an Earth Stage cultivation, so in all likelihood, you would definitely be able to make a lot of money each time you take the stage.”
    “The future is long! Doing that for a few decades, there will inevitably be a day that you could pay off the ten million gold coins that you owe. Say… wouldn’t you agree?”
    Hearing those words, the maid could no longer keep herself up. Her eyes roll up, and she completely loses consciousness.
    In the breeze, Muyan sits beside the Spirit Flowers.
    Along with the setting sun, the color and patterns on the Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers become even more crystal clear, a beauty that doesn’t belong to the mortal world.
    But Muyan also knows that their short lives are finally coming to an end.
    Later, an hour at most, these flowers would completely wither, and then the plant would bear black-colored seeds.
    And just like the two remaining seeds inside her space, they wouldn’t have any vitality.
    Muyan sighs softly, ultimately reaching out her hand to touch the sparkling and translucent petals, as well as the pink core at the middle.
    The flower sways gently, like conveying its feelings and intimacy towards her.
    Like it’s telling her to make haste.
    Their lives are like that of a mayfly, short and limited. However, their brief seven days of life is still more dazzling than all the summer flowers under the sun.
    That perhaps, a mere seven days is also enough.
    Muyan gently removes the flowers’ core at the middle, and carefully places them into the small jade box.
    Finally, the last rays of sunlight sinks down the western horizon, and the tiny flowers completely wither, their lives fade away.
    Muyan lightly waves her hand, taking in the seeds and dried leaves of the Spirit Flower all into the Space.
    Soon after, she gets up and hands the jade box over to Di Ming Jue.
    These past few hours, she was quietly looking at the flowers, reluctant to pluck them.
    Di Ming Jue was at her side to keep her company, not saying anything.
    At this point, Muyan doesn’t intend to bicker with this man.
    After all, the seeds of the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower have been provided by Di Ming Jue.
    And for the flowers to bloom, it also required Di Ming Jue’s help.
    In the end, whomever Di Ming Jue wants to send these flower cores for, she doesn’t have the qualifications to get involved with that decision.
    “Here are the cores of the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower that you asked for. With this, our business should be complete, right?” Muyan asks indifferently.
    Di Ming Jue takes the jade box and immediately passes it over to Han Ye.
    There’s a rare trace of eagerness in his usually cold voice, “Go and deliver this to Shi Lanling at once. Personally watch over it, there simply mustn’t be any mistakes.”

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