EMHS – ch333

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Chapter 333: Fetch a good price
    “Make her compensate for a Spirit Flower, I think that she should be flogged a hundred times. It would serve as a warning against following her bad example!”
    As she’s saying this, the maid looks at Muyan maliciously, a smile of ridicule filling her eyes.
    She dares to be certain that this mysterious Lord must have a favorable impression towards her lady.
    Otherwise, how can you explain the fact that he wants to give such a precious Spirit Flower to Miss?
    Even if this fox-faced gardener wants to seduce him again, what about it?
    Wait until Miss moves her hand, it would be easy to deal with something like her.
    Muyan looks up towards Di Ming Jue, smiling like a flower, “Killing the ‘intention’ that is Jun Shang’s present to his lover, Muyan has really sinned and should die ten thousand times!”
    As she’s saying that, she suddenly operates the Mysterious Energy on her hands, breaking away from Di Ming Jue’s confines within a blink of an eye.
    Just as her hands have broken free, who would’ve thought that her waist would get captured.
    The pair closes the distance between them instead.
    Muyan is about to blow her top off from anger.
    It’s as if Di Ming Jue is looking at a child’s mischief, his cold voice even contains a helpless coddling tone, “Don’t make trouble. Or do you want to get even closer Ben Jun?”
    Muyan: “…!!!” I’d rather want to neuter this scoundrel!
    The maid is shocked and hatefully jealous of how Muyan is sticking even closer to Di Ming Jue. The light in her eyes changes from complacency to bitter resentment.
    However, she hears Han Ye continue to laugh and ask: “The Dark Clouds Spirit Flower is a rare plant, it is hard to search for it in this world. Finding another flower is practically impossible, this requirement seems to be somewhat of a Herculean task.”
    Hearing Han Ye’s words, the maid’s eyes immediately brighten.
    As it turns out, this fox-face hasn’t completely captured the Lord’s heart.
    She ruined Miss’ Spirit Flower, so she must pay.
    The maid sets her mind to it, “And precisely because the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower is hard to find, it’s even more important that she pay for it.”
    “I remember my lady saying that if this Spirit Flower appears on the market, it would be worth… at least ten million gold coins. If she can’t come up with a Dark Clouds Spirit Flower, let her compensate for its price in gold. And she absolutely couldn’t escape from that hundred lashes either.”
    Han Ye blinks, “Ten million gold coins ah, this isn’t a small amount, is it? I’m afraid that an ordinary person wouldn’t be able to earn it all in their lifetime.”
    “This is her punishment for courting disaster!” the maid’s eyes are shining as she stares at Muyan, her gaze is brimming with malice, “If she really cannot pay with money, I think it would be right to sell her to Ghost City’s Wan Ren Ku. With her good looks, she would definitely be able to fetch a good price. Then when she works like a horse for several decades in the Ghost City, there would come a day where she would be able to make up for ten million gold coins.”
    As soon as these words are said, a change comes over the faces of everyone present.
    Even Han Ye’s eyes somewhat darken.
    Not to mention Di Ming Jue.
    There’s already a thick, dark-red killing intent that is welling up within his eyes.
    Ying Mei is under the impression that Di Ming Jue really wants to punish Muyan because of the Spirit Flower.
    Bending a knee, she kneels down in a flash, “Jun Shang, the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower was killed by this subordinate. If it’s compensation, please let this subordinate pay for it, by no means could Miss Jun be wrongly accused.”
    Muyan frowns, wanting to step forward and help her up.
    But Di Ming Jue has already taken the initiative to release her, slowly making his way until he arrives before the Spirit Flower that had withered.
    “If you damage something, it would only be fair to receive punishment, as well as provide compensation according to its value.”
    The man’s voice is bone-piercingly cold, making everyone at the scene shiver uncontrollably.
    However, the meaning in those words is making the maid violently happy.
    Even forgetting to be scared of that ruthless killing intent in the atmosphere.
    She’s proud of herself as she looks at Muyan, anticipating the other woman’s miserable end.
    “How can you prove that she is the one who killed this flower?”
    The man’s ice-cold voice rings once more.

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